JAMES DEEN — “I’m the luckiest boy alive.”

WHACK! James Deen, the rebel without a conscience! Thanks so much for agreeing to an interview: we’ve been jonesing for a slice for a while now. So you are something of an up-and-cummer in the adult industry. In the past few years you’ve become one of the most steadily employed woodsmen in the biz: to what would you attribute your success as a sex performer?

JAMES DEEN Man I wish I knew the answer to that. 🙂 My theory is that I’m the luckiest boy alive.

W! What made you decide to get into this business in the first place? Anything aside from the constant presence of stunningly beautiful and fuckable women?

JD I like to have fun and I see porn as pretty much the best way to have fun and do something I love at the same time.

W! Speaking of those women, I have to ask you something that’s been bugging me for a long time. When I watch your scenes (and I’ve watched a lot of them; I could probably recognize your package before your face), it always seems that the women you’re with are getting off—like, a lot. Like, way more than they usually seem to. And it looks real most the time; you get the flushed face, the contorted body, the shaking, the whole nine. But when I watch your performances I can’t see any noticeable difference between the way you have sex and the way any other male performer does… What’s your secret? Are these women all really cumming all over the place? Do you have some technique we don’t know about, and if so, would you be willing to write a book? I could totally ghostwrite it for you…

JD When it comes to sex I think it is all about communication and connection. When I go into a scene my first priority is to have good sex so I try to get to know the girl sexually and adjust how I have sex to each girl. In my opinion sex on camera and off camera should be the same just on camera you show what you’re doing to the viewer.

W! What inspired you to pick your name? Do you think the original James Dean would have done porn if it were more prevalent in his day?

JD I chose the name because all the other ones I came up with were thrown out. Pretty much, when it came time to choose a stage name I had a few ideas and I was told every name was either taken by someone else, too close to someone else’s name, sounded like a “gay pornstar’s name”. After about seven different ideas I started going through nicknames I had because I was all out of ideas. When I got to James Dean (which was a name I was called in junior high because I had a leather jacket and would smoke cigarettes) the person I was talking to stopped me and said, “Wait, James Dean, that might work.” I said I could spell it with 2 “e’s” to avoid any lawsuits and the rest is history. I have no clue if the real James Dean would do porn, but I can’t imagine any guy who wouldn’t consider it for a second. 🙂

W! Back when James Dean—the first one—was around, hardcore pornography probably existed, but it was hard to find and hard to use. Do you think America is healthier now that there’s greater access to hardcore materials? Do you think we’re less repressed, or just more perverted?

JD I think that porn has just become more socially acceptable. Women aren’t viewed the same way any more. Nowadays it’s socially acceptable for women to have sex drives and want to just get their rocks off. The animal inside all of us is something we discuss as opposed to hide. I wasn’t alive in those times so I’m just speculating, however, I do believe that porn and sex for the sake of feeling good are covered with the equal rights movement.

W! You make Jewish jokes in just about every scene I’ve seen you in; how has that upbringing affected your views on sex as an adult?

JD Being Jewish hasn’t had much effect on my sexuality. It is more of a culture that I relate to.

W! What do you like to do in your time off? Any weird or dorky habits that would seem unbefitting of a paid porn performer?

JD Not really, I usually just watch TV and relax. Nothing too interesting.

W! Any advice for aspiring young male talent?

JD Have all the fun you can. This business can be beautiful and amazing and if you treat it right you will be happy 🙂

W! And lastly, any big projects or appearances of note that you’d like to plug?

JD I actually started shooting my own content. Just porn the way my perverted mind wants to see. I plan to put it on jamesdeen.com in a few months… Sooooo that’s kinda cool 🙂

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