Jazella Moore’s Publicity Score

Anyone with an eye on the throbbing hard-on of adult entertainment news has heard the sad sob story of Scott Janke, the town planner of Ft. Meyers Beach, Florida, who was fired from his job because his wife, Anabela, was outed as a hardcore MILF porn star. You’ve probably heard some public outcry about the injustice of their plight; the story the media seems to like telling is of a genuinely nice couple, one of whom just happens to have been humped a few times on film. It’s all been perfectly legal, though, and so it’s an outrage that her husband has been persecuted for it. They’ve been on national television and have appeared on numerous radio shows, being interviewed by talking heads about their ordeal. The hubby’s out of work—oh no! The wife is trying to pick up the slack by whoring herself out to more photo shoots and interviews to keep them, and their triplet sons, and her mom who’s coming in from Portugal, all afloat. It’s a sad story of right-wing morality trumping the American spirit, and it’s a damn shame. Right?

Well, folks, Whack! Magazine is here to tell you that if anything is a damn shame about this sleazy media mess, it’s that nobody has been paying enough attention to the horny housewife’s shady dealings, or to her politician prick of a husband’s willingness to play along. That’s right, you soft-hearted saps: you, and the town council of Ft. Meyers Beach, and the media in its entirety, have been taken for a ride by Jazella Moore, and it ain’t the reverse cowgirl kind of romp she’s so fond of on screen.

Our cumshoe reporters caught a whiff of something fishy—besides Jazella’s filthy fanny—when this story broke, and have been trying to get the straight word out of the crooked couple ever since, only to be slipped past, ignored, lied to, and denied by this mope and his MILF. The deeper we’ve dug, the smellier this whole story gets, and we’ve decided to blow the lid off what we’ve found to be a filthy pack of lies to unearth the turds of truth underneath the story you’ve all heard from this whore, her hubby, and the slobbering sleaze-slurping media.

So here they are, folks: the cold, hard facts, as only Whack! has been willing to put them together.

1) In early 2008, Anabela Mota, a shapely 40-something mother of three with small but shapely tits, big brown eyes, and a mop of thick blond hair sought out Steve Nelson, the editor of Adult Industry News, looking for publicity and contacts in adult entertainment, where she was trying to get banged for a buck. Nelson never said whether he gave her any info, but he kept the photos she sent him, and everyone went about their business.

2) Until July of this year—supposedly—nobody was the wiser about who Jazella Moore, MILF and up-and-coming adult performer, was in real life. She got some gigs with Bang Bros, New Sensations, and other gonzo outfits. She did some double-team scenes, some modeling, some facials: the usual.

3) Eventually things got unusual. On July 17, 2009, a little over a year since their first contact, Steve Nelson, Jazella’s original contact at AI News, broke the story to a shocked public: he’d seen some pictures of her at a political function and confirmed that Jazella Moore, who’d been fucked four ways from Friday on a desk at Bang Bros, was the self-same Anabela he’d heard from the year before, and was now the blushing bride of Scott Janke, town manager of the small, conservative town of Ft. Meyers Beach, Florida.

4) The same day that news of Jazella’s real identity broke, Scott Janke declared bankruptcy. Coincidence? Maybe.

5) It took five days for the news to spread and for the phone calls to start pouring in to the town council office, but during those five days, Janke and the mayor of Ft. Meyers Beach, Larry Kiker, had a chance to discuss the situation. According to Janke, he called Kiker and offered to step down — with compensation — if the council thought it would be best. Right after declaring bankruptcy. Stand up guy, huh? Way to take one for the team, Scott.

6) On July 21, Kiker called an emergency meeting of the town council, to which Janke was not invited. The council adamantly declared its fondness for Janke and his wife, who they claim to have found very pleasant (the pervs here at Whack! think that might have had something to do with her willingness to “go down” for the cause, if you get our drift). Nevertheless, they fired Janke “without cause,” for fear of a media frenzy becoming a ‘distraction’ to their ability to function. But—owing to a clause in his contract that allowed it—he was fired with a severance package worth around $50,000 and six months of health benefits.

7) In yet another wildly fortunate “coincidence,” July 21, 2009, also saw the DVD release of Jazella Moore’s latest porn outing, “Back Room MILF 4” put out by Bang Bros. Coincidence? Perhaps. Fortuitous for Jazella’s DVD sales? Definitely.

8) Two days later, in the midst of a media orgy the likes of which even Jazella had never seen, the maligned town manager and his wife agreed to an interview with Steve Nelson, the man who caused the mess in the first place. Nelson apologized for breaking the story, pandered to them obsequiously, and, several days later, published a story trumpeting about what “man of integrity” Janke is for offering to step down with compensation. Seems to us that offering to take half a year’s salary for no work isn’t such a heroic act, but then, we’re not in politics, we’re in porn. So what do we know?

9) On July 30, Adult Industry News printed a “Company Press Release” from PR101, announcing that Moore had signed on as a client. “For interview and PR contact,” said the article, “contact Steve Nelson, Public Relations Director, PR 101”. That’s right, Steve Nelson of Adult Industry News was so overcome with guilt for his involvement that he decided to cash in — I mean help, the Jankes. By whoring them out to every media outlet in existence, so they could get the fame and fortune they apparently deserved for being such upstanding pillars of the community.

10) Since then, Jazella Moore has lined up a photo shoot with Hustler magazine, numerous interviews on national television, radio, and the Internet, dance engagements (one in Ft. Meyers!), photo shoots, and very likely more hardcore MILF scenes. Her name, and her husband’s, are known worldwide. Scott maintains that their “heads are held high” and “they have done nothing wrong.” They are most focused on devoting their time and attention to Jezella’s 15 year old triplets, who no doubt are trying to keep their horny friends away from their world-famous MILF pornstar mom, while Scott looks for a new job (not in porn, apparently, which is a damn shame. They could make a fortune.)

Now, of course, there are several ways these facts could be interpreted, but we here at Whack! were skeptical about the series of curious coincidences. So we contacted “PR101” (AKA Steve Nelson) to get an interview with Jazella and ask a few tough questions. Initially, Jazella, Scott, and Steve were all receptive, and we arranged for an interview that week. Our call, however, was met with confusion. Jazella was “at a photo shoot” and would have to do the interview later. Two voicemails and emails about rescheduling later, Jazella informed us that they were not doing interviews at the time “on advice.” They claimed they’d been doing interviews and appearances for a month but hadn’t received a cent of compensation. Not to be “gready” (sic), they said, but they were too broke to buy their triplets any new clothes for school and couldn’t afford to do any more unpaid interviews.

In a recently printed article on AI News Nelson wheedles about how stressful life has been for the couple over the past six weeks, then concludes: “When asked if she would be open to interviews and media coverage Jazella has issued this thoughtful statement:

‘Our financial security was jeopardized by the actions of Ft. Myers officials who unjustly terminated my husband as Town Manager. We are granting no interviews currently, but will have much more to say about this in the near future, so do stay in touch.’

What the fuck? A 50K severance package with health care in the bank. Photo shoot with Hustler. Four DVDs released so far this year with Jazella’s name on them. National television appearances. And they are too broke to buy their kids school clothes? Their financial security has been jeopardized? And Scott was unjustly terminated after offering to step down? Regardless of any other nefarious bits of sleaze that may be clinging to the balls of this story, one thing is for certain: Scott and Jazella are either horrendous at handling money or really lousy liars.

Either way, it seems unlikely that the timing of the above events and the burgeoning porn career of Ms. Moore were the fortunate coincidences they claim to be. It seems much more likely to us, as people who know porn whores and their mopes, that Janke, Moore, and Nelson are all in on this together. Make no mistake, Whack! readers: this MILF, her mope, and their media man Nelson have all played Ft. Meyers for the fool, took the cash, and are planning to pump this pathetic, slobbering excuse for a sob story until it spews fame and fortune all over their grinning, “gready” maws. It’s blowing our admittedly Whacked minds that that nobody has caught on to the loads these two have been spewing all over the media’s face, but you heard it here first, folks. — Miss Lagsalot

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