MR. MARCUS – A Sit Down with A Stand Up Cocksman

WHACK! Magazine had the rare opportunity to have a one on one with the baddest guy in the bang biz – Mr. Marcus. He fills us in on his philosophy of life, his time in the industry, and his upcoming book. Enjoy the read fuckers!

WHACK!! – Ok, well. Whack! Magazine has not really started up yet, but we’re hoping to get a good running start and I think this is gonna help a lot, so thanks so much. All right, well, I did some research the other night, I’ve been reading a lot of your websites and things, and…

Mr. Marcus – You didn’t just go by Wikipedia, did you?

W! – No, no, I was looking at your website and your MySpace, mostly.

MM – Oh, ok.

W! – Why, what’s on Wikipedia?

MM – Wikipedia, I mean, it’s just like…it’s not really informative.

W! – Yeah, that’s true. Well, I was looking it up on your sites and I saw that you have a clothing line called Daddy. You say you started it up because you play the role of “Daddy” in lots of different parts of your life. And I think that’s really cool, I mean, how’s that going for you?

MM – Well we’ve got Magic going on in Vegas. I hope you make it out there. Magic is the clothing division, gonna be out in Vegas, so I hope you’re out there to do some networking.

W! – Yeah, I’m hoping to get out there. We’ll see what happens. But I see you’re also gonna be at Exxxotica in New York in a few weeks, actually.

MM – Yeah.

W! – That’s great. We’re gonna be there, so we’re looking forward to seeing you.

MM – Yeah, that’s good. That’s what’s up.

W! – And you’ve also got a lot of things that you endorse, like I actually have a “Gold Digger” vibrator at home, and it had your picture on the packaging when I bought it.

MM – *laughs*

W! – So, I like it. I wanted to thank you for that. Anyway, your clothing line is called Daddy and there’s all these pictures of girls wearing things that say “Daddy” across them. But that also got me thinking, you’re very family oriented and you’re also quite religious, so how do you find that works with your career? I mean, do you keep those things separate or do you try to put them all into one persona?

MM – You know, porn doesn’t take up all my time. It’s like, part of who I am, but I’m always to a point having issues with what it means for me. I got into this business without knowing what was what, when nobody was paying attention to it. But now, a lot more people are aware of porn and coming out of the closet and supporting it. And I’m always wondering, how does that affect people overall? Now me, personally, I always go back to thinking about my family and the way that I was raised and what I want religiously. And I think it’s much more spiritual. A lot of people used to give me a lot of shit for what I do, at the beginning. I mean to me, it was always just…well, people can be real cruel, right? They love you but they love to hate you. So, I was like, what is that all about? I figured out it wasn’t really about me, it was more about them. So I make peace. I’m all about trying to make peace with myself. When people say how they feel, I try to respect that as much…I mean I’m trying to just be, you know…

W! – Be who you are, right.

MM – Yeah, be who I am. Just live my life. I try to be as good a person as I can possibly be, while making porn. *laughs*

W! – Right, right. Well, depending on how you see it, that doesn’t have to be two separate things. I’ve always been interested in the way that people see porn and the porn industry. Because it’s really funny; it’s one of the most lucrative industries in the world, and yet people still want to belittle people who are involved in it. I actually saw a quote of yours in an interview with, where you said, “They don’t really pay us what we’re worth, because you’re giving a lot more than what you’re gaining, which is probably why people belittle porn.” I’d like to hear a little more about what you think about the way that the public in general sees porn.

MM – I think…I’ve watched what happens in porn, and it really cycles through the system. It’s always new people that seem to find a way into porn, but we have what we call “lifers,” and “lifers” are the guys or the girls who in some way or in some form are an extension of the porn industry well after they stop being stars. You know, they go on to producing, or writing, or whatever. Right, I think that that, going back to dealing with people, I think that there’s kind of a…it gives people more of a reach into the depths of a person in a movie. It’s a life long process. It’s a rare thing in a way where it’s kind of matter of fact, not so much to alienate you, but more of a way in which it includes you. So I think more people are open to the discussion, more open to the possibility that a porn star can communicate to them in a way where they can relate. I don’t think it’s forever, but I know about porn stars…it’s not really forever, but it seems to be that fans of porn love you or hate you. Because it’s such an impression that you make on people. You know what I mean?

W! – Yeah, that makes sense.

MM – In this life, a porn star, I mean we make it for everybody. We can affect a lot of people. And you know, there’s something to that, there’s a power to that. To sexually inspire people that are across the planet. But they see you, they watch you, and they know what you do sexually. And they mimic that.

W! – Yeah, I think that’s true. I saw a documentary the other day about John Holmes in the 70’s and there was this little old lady they interviewed who said that she thought that young people who watch porn can actually teach old people a lot of things, and teach them how to be happier because they’re more open about being sexual. Do you think that over your time in the business that people have gotten a little more comfortable with the porn industry? Things in America have been really conservative for the past ten years or so, but do you think that people are opening up?

MM – I think so. I mean I try to measure, to gauge people’s reactions when I go out or when I’m performing, or whatever I’m doing. And it doesn’t seem to be…there used to be a hesitation and some dissension, all these ill will [kinds of] feelings I used to get back when I started, you know. But maybe that’s because I was uncomfortable with it. Maybe it was that I wasn’t sure of what to do. Because as I’ve felt more confident in who I am and more certain of what I’m doing, I guess that transferred to people, and I don’t get too much indifference now. I get more inquiries, you know, people are willing to share more with me. I have out of the blue people who will discuss sexual problems or sex addiction.

W! – Aw, that’s so cute!

MM – Sure, it comes out of the blue, it comes out of the most unexpected places, and people want to discuss that.

W! – That’s great! You’re like a mentor to your fans!

MM – Well, it’s cool, I guess. Laughs. Yeah, I’m cool with that.

W! – Well good, good. Ok, so just to switch it up a bit, although this kind of fits with our conversation. I saw on your MySpace you had written up there that you hate celebrity sex tapes. You wrote that a “celebrity chick makes one sex tape, gets more money, gets a reality show. Porn chick makes 151 sex tapes, still broke, no reality show.” I’ve been wondering what people think the difference is between a celebrity who does the same thing on camera as a porn star? What makes the celebrity more acceptable in our culture? What do you think?

MM – First of all, I think…there’s not that many people that make it, for one thing, and that you really want to see. And I think that who’s successful are people that you want to see. So you get Pamela Anderson, Kim Kardashian — hers was my favorite.

W! – Oh, I know she’s so hot!

MM – Yeah, I ain’t gonna lie. I was a big fan of that one! But you know, she’s more of what I like to see. I think there’s something about someone being really sexually appealing and then able to prove it with a tape. You know?

W! – Right. That’s a good point.

MM – I think that’s why when I got into the videos and I saw the people who actually made them, and then I saw how they made it into the marketplace and onto the Web and things, I think it’s part of their business plan. I think it’s part of some people’s business plans.

W! – I think so too.

MM – I think it’s only for those people who are really sexually pronounced, right? And they can validate it. They don’t have to make it big. They’ve achieved a certain amount of stardom, and you know, then they create a sex tape, and that sex tape doesn’t have to be serious. They did that one and that was enough to confirm. I understand where it comes from, but then you have the flip side. You have porn stars, who I think some of them are really trying to just discover their sexuality. And they can do it wrong through adult tapes. But it takes them a lot more to get that recognition, but then once they start they can’t stop. Laughs.

W! – I’ve heard that before…I found this article on GQ and I’ve been reading more about the topic. There’s this phenomenon happening called Mandingo sex parties. There are groups popping up all over the country of “Mandingos,” where they hire out black men to have sex with white couples, multiples, and sometimes gangbangs. And on the site for this article I was reading, there was a huge backlash in the comments section. All these black women were getting on and saying that it was unacceptable and these men shouldn’t be doing this for white couples, they should only be having sex with black women. That they’re subjecting themselves to racism with these parties. But in your career you’ve had sex with all kinds of people, and I was wondering what your take is on that subject.

MM – That is interesting. I remember getting emails about that. It kinda, I dunno…a big issue is the myth. The black myth. It seems like there are people that are gonna constantly perpetuate that, they just have to keep it going. I don’t think that this is something that just popped up, I think they’ve always been there. Just to be honest.

W! – Yeah maybe, maybe they’re just more public now.

MM – Very. And I think the Internet allows them to reach more people and be a lot more public and selective at the same time. Because there’s more talent that way, a lot more interest, more discussions about it, this myth. And it’s funny because I really know this white dude who has this little dick. I mean, you know, it hits you. Size does matter. So for them, it’s an issue. It’s an issue for people who don’t have big dicks. You know, like, they’re ranting and raving, but they want to, I don’t know, they want to be around big dicks, maybe? Compensate, you know? Like, this guy’s really honest and he tells me he just wants to see big black dicks. It’s a true emotion. But I’m not the guy to try, cause I don’t do it, I’ve only been around it, I’ve seen people, you know. [And it’s] that myth, that insatiable allure, there’s something about big black dudes fucking white girls, or whatever girls. It’s still taboo, it’s still caught a lot of people’s different emotions.

W! – Yeah and maybe it’s one of the few things that really still is taboo, so it gets a lot of attention.

MM – It’s going to, I mean there still going to be turning out big black dicks and little white dicks, and little black ones and big white dicks, but what gets more attention is big black dicks.

W! – Yeah, that’s what people like to see I guess.

MM – Laughing I’m still one of those guys, I mean I’m still etching my little history out. You know people will tell you, I’ve been in this business for fifteen years.

W! – Yeah, what are some projects that you’re working on now? You got anything coming up?

MM – Well yeah, I have a book coming out next year.

W! – Really? Oh fantastic! I’ll read that!

MM – Yeah I think it’s like, it should tell a lot. From my own experience, I don’t need to step in other people’s shoes. I’m trying to communicate what I think. It’s called “The Porn Star Guide to Great Sex, by Mr. Marcus.”

W! – I think that’ll be really interesting. You’re a really articulate person so that will be interesting to read.

MM – Thank you.

W! – You’re welcome. I’m gonna wrap things up, but I’m looking forward to seeing you at Exxxotica in September.

MM – Yeah, that’ll be good.

— Interview conducted by our lovely staff degenerate, Miss Lagsalot

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