JENNA HAZE — “I was like, ‘If you’re gonna cum, just cum on her!’”

This is Part 2 of an insanely long 3-part interview with WHACK!’s favorite sexy stoner, Jenna Haze! Check out Part 1 from last week, and tune back in next week for even more of the filthiest female in the biz dishing on her company, her personal life, and her smoking habits!

W! I was thinking that I know so many people who seriously love you. Most people I know don’t know anything about porn, but if I ask them who’s they’re favorite porn star, they’re always like, “Oh, I like Jenna Haze!” You’re like the only name they know. I think that because your movies are stylish, and they’re nice, they’re done nicely, people aren’t afraid that they’re gonna get a nasty casting couch, I think you actually are shooting porn that couples really like.

JH I’ve always thought that I want to appeal to men and I want to appeal to women, and I want to appeal to couples. There’s a lot of gonzo stuff, I mean I might do a feature or parody sometimes, I don’t know. But because of the way that I shoot my sex, I think that guys might think that it’s like high-end gonzo. This is not some nasty, like, Max Hardcore shit. I really try to put a lot of passion in my movies, a lot of sensuality, and sexuality.

I get so tired of, whether I’m watching porn or I’m on set, seeing two people fucking and the guy’s fucking the hell out of the girl, and the girl’s got this look on her face like, “How many more minutes am I going to be in this position?” There’s no connection. I cast my sex scenes based on who they want to have sex with. I cast only people who they want to kiss — I love kissing in my scenes. I love passion. I want to see two people really get off on each other. I don’t want to see a guy jerking off in the corner and no connection there. I want to see a connection. I want to see a girl really into it, I want to see a guy lose his load!

That happened! I was directing a scene with a boy/girl, you know, two other people in it, and the guy, who I’d worked with one or two times, he actually seemed a little bit nervous. He said, “I’m a little nervous cause you’re directing.” I said, “It’s ok, don’t worry about it.” He was like, “I’m just not used to you calling the shots and stuff.” I think for some guys that can be a little intimidating at first. And so I went up to him and I started dirty talking, like, “You know I love your cock.” Just talking shit to him. Like, “I can’t wait till I can suck your cock again,” just to get him going again, you know, to get that nervousness away. And it worked, and he got super hard and started fucking the girl, and I guess because he got so turned on by me watching and stuff, he started cumming in the middle of the scene, and I was like, “What are you doing? If you’re gonna cum, just cum on her! We’ll go back and get more footage!” So I guess he was so intimidated, and so turned on, and I don’t know! But it was awesome!

There’s a scene in my next movie, in Just Jenna 2 where I make the guy cum twice. He fucks me, and he cums all over my stomach, and then he keeps fucking me. He just bangs the crap out of me. And stuff like that, like spontaneous, hot action is what I want to capture.

Like in Legs Up Hose Down where James [Deen] throws April [O’Neil] into the shower, and bangs the crap out of her in the shower, pushing her titties up against the glass and everything. It was so spontaneous! I was like, “Right on, James!”

W! That scene was fantastic.

JH Yeah I’m really bummed it didn’t win an award. The scene was really good. April and James had a really big crush on each other, and I saw it on Twitter. And I was like, “You know what? Why don’t I just shoot their first scene together before somebody else does?” And there was definitely passion in that.

W! Totally. I actually didn’t know who she was before that movie…

JH Yeah, she’s a total newbie.

W! I don’t know how I missed her, though. Cause just looking at her, I thought, “Oh my god. She has the perfect body.” Like her body is… well, perfect. I thought she must have implants, but then I remembered… you don’t shoot anybody with implants!

JH Which I actually am working on right now. I’m doing one movie that I do with fake boobs. Because I have a lot of friends who have fake boobs. And I want to shoot them… And so I decided after my movie that’s coming out this month that’s all big, natural breasts, which I came up with a great title for — Breast In Class: Naturally Gifted — and is all natural boobs. And I was doing it, and I thought, “You know, I have all these friends… Shit, I’ve got a whole movie here of girls with fake boobs! You know what? I’m gonna do a second Breast In Class installment with another subtitle, and it’ll be the only one for my company, and maybe another one in a few years depending on how it does, with fake boobs. The rest of my stuff is all-natural stuff.

W! I like that! That’s a good idea.

JH Yeah, well I actually get a lot of shit from the girls, who are like, “You know, that really sucks.” I mean, I’m just trying to represent myself. And over at Jules’s company, there’s Brazzers, and there’s all these people who are always shooting all these fake boob girls. Like, I just wanted my stuff to stand out a little bit.

W! I appreciate it. I mean, I think that’s another thing that couples, particularly, might like. When you’re watching one of your movies, you know that these people really look like that. There’s not this intimidating…

JH Yeah, they’re real girls! They’re real girls that you might, you know, get with sometime. I think it makes it a little more approachable, especially for couples. Cause a lot of girls… see, my whole thing with plastic surgery is that plastic surgery here is just crazy in this business. Absolutely crazy. Like, girls don’t look like they should look anymore! I see all these TV shows that are just encouraging these young girls to go and get plastic surgery! And I think it’s, I know it sounds a little silly and a little political, but I think I’m trying to get a little bit of a message across that you don’t need plastic surgery to be beautiful.

W! No, totally. Especially young women who are just getting into it, 18 or 19 — they don’t really know their bodies yet, and they’re trying to change them.

JH No, and they come into the business and all of a sudden they get boob implants! And then it’s collagen injections, and then it’s Botox. And it’s like, you’re only 19-20 years old! What are you doing to yourself? Your body isn’t done growing yet! Wait till you’re old and you need that stuff! Don’t ruin yourself now!

I can think of a specific example, and of course I’m not gonna name names, but she came into the business at 19-20 years old, and within a year and a half, she’d had her lips done, her cheeks done, her chin done, her eyes done, Botox done, her boobs done, her ass done. And she had all these tattoos. I was like, “Woah!” She just completely changed herself. And she was a gorgeous girl before! Gorgeous!

I have a lot of young nieces and nephews, and I think about them getting pressured to get plastic surgery, and I feel like girls should be confident in who they are. And fall in love with their own bodies. Because we’re all individuals and we’re all beautiful in our own way, and when girls think that because see all these movie stars and things, that they have to be a certain way. And I just really want to promote natural beauty.

W! It is maybe a little political, but I think it’s important that there are at least a few companies out there doing just that, because there are already so many companies out there that cater to more synthetic-looking people. And that’s great, but they have a large share of the market. So do what you want to do and be proud of it! I think that’s awesome.

JH Yeah! And also, on my website and in all my movies, everything you ever see… I do not Photoshop anything. Nothing.

W! Really?

JH Never. Nothing whatsoever.

W! Holy crap.

JH No Photoshop. First of all, I sort through all the pictures myself, and I don’t know how to use Photoshop! Laughing. And I’m not about to pay somebody to do it, because I think it’s false advertising. Like, there are companies that do ridiculous amounts of Photoshop…

W! Yeah, the cover art on some movies is like… “What is that?”

JH Well, yeah! I did a boxcover for somebody, and they made my waist like ridiculously small. And I was like, “Hold on, I’m little already! And somebody Photoshopped it?” And another movie they made my boobs huge! I was like, “What the hell? That’s not me! What the fuck?” Yeah, I believe that… both me and my cameraman say this… I want to show people you can take awesome photos without using Photoshop.

W! I didn’t know that, and I think that’s really amazing. Everything uses Photoshop now, so that’s cool.

JH I do everything from picking the photos for the back of the box to the front of the box to naming the movies. I write everything on the back of the box myself. That’s actually the hardest part of my job.

W! So… how many hours a week do you work?

JH It’s sporadic. I mean, I just got off a two-and-a-half-week vacation, which was pretty amazing. And then it was like coming back to reality… I mean I have so much work to catch up on! Like right now I’m so behind on my work because I’ve had bad allergies for the last week. I get hayfever like twice a year. It turns into a whole sinus thing. Right now I’m taking a few days off to get through this, because it’s only like a week twice a year in the spring and the fall that it just hits me hard.

So anyway, I was like, “It’s a great day for interviews!”

W! So technically it’s like half a day off.

JH But I mean, I work from the time I get up till the time I go to bed every single day. I don’t have days off. That’s why about twice a year I take a couple weeks’ vacation. I think it’s funny when I read people’s tweets that say, like, “Yay! I got the weekend off!” And I’m like, “Fuck you! I work every day!”

W! So you’re a workaholic.

JH Yeah, if I’m not going through pictures, I’m going over the editing. Right now I have to go through the editing for Breast in Class: Naturally Gifted, and each one of my movies, as I’m sure you’ve noticed in reviewing, is between three and a half and six and a half hours. And that’s another thing: I believe in getting more bang for your buck. I may not come out with a new movie every single month, but first of all, I don’t want them to be oversaturated with stuff of me.

And second of all, I want my movies… I mean, at $40 a DVD, I want my movies to be awesome and have a lot of replay value. The minimal amount of scenes you’ll see in my movies is six. And that’s still above normal. I mean, Just Jenna has nine scenes in it, and a bonus scene. I really go above and beyond with my editing. My editor edits it, and then I go over it once — I watch it all completely. My editor said the other day, “You know, you’re really thorough with this.” I watch every little thing. And some things, you know, you can’t do anything about. But some things you can. So I try to fix as much as I possibly can. I pick the music, I pick all that stuff. The editing, I go over that and say, “Well, cut that out, or switch this around, or do this.” I go over it once, then I give him the changes. Then he brings it back with all the changes, and I watch it again and make sure that there’s nothing else that needs to be done. Then I give it back. And then I watch it again. So I watch each one of my movies at least three to four times.

W! Wow.

JH A lot of people have other people to do this stuff for them. They have people that will pick out pictures for the back of the box. But I don’t trust anybody to do it. It’s not just that; it’s my money.

W! Yeah, and it’s your project. Your baby.

JH Yeah, and I don’t want anybody else to do it.

—Interview conducted be Editor-in-Chief and Chief Degenerate Officer, Miss Lagsalot. Come back next week for even more Jenna Haze, and in the meantime, check her out on Twitter or on her website!

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