KAYLANI LEI – “I love getting spun and thrown around!”

WHACK! Can you give us a bit of an intro, some information about yourself? Just in case there’s a single person out there who doesn’t know who you are?

Kaylani Lei Hello, I’m Kaylani Lei. I am a Wicked Contract girl. I’ve been in the business for about seven years. You can also catch me on late night Cinemax and HBO television, as I also work on many soft-core projects.

W! You tend to do a lot of feature films with serious character acting. What is about feature films with stories that draws you? Do you like to “act” as opposed to just “performing” sex acts? Getting into a character?

KL I must admit the acting part of these films is definitely the highlight of my job and being on set. I have so much fun with it. Playing different characters really allows me to venture out of my own skin, and our directors at Wicked are flexible and openly encourage us to explore our own creativity and ideas to create such characters. We have some movies where you can safely say that if we were to extract the sex scenes from them, the movie would actually still be entertaining, and I think that is really cool. I have so much fun on set, we’re like a huge family and everyone brings some sort of creativity and talent to the table. I still honor my past as having the pleasure of getting to do some gonzo before I signed my contract about seven months into the business. That is how I really got my first group of true and loyal fans who have followed me throughout the different paths of my career and I thank them immensely! Other than all that, I do enjoy the fuck out of fucking on film. Amen!

W! Do you find gonzo-style movies with less acting boring?

KL Absolutely not! I mean really, it’s sexy. People getting down and having hot sex. It’s porn, there is nothing boring about that.

W! You’re a dog lover and have been involved in charity events for animals. That’s such a great thing, to use your celebrity status for good causes that you believe in. Do you see a lot of that in the industry? It seems like if it happens, it doesn’t really get as much publicity as it could.

KL I do love dogs to death! My little babies are so adorable, Tina and Ochie. I do what I can to support and show my love to these dog charities and events. It sometimes gets a little hard for me to handle emotionally when I get exposed to some situations where I see pics or articles of the homeless, neglected and abused. I think the majority of our business are animal lovers, so anything we do to show our support and to raise awareness to society is great, whether it be on a smaller scale publicity-wise.

W! How many pets do you have now? Tell us a little bit about them.

KL I have four pets altogether. Tina, Ochie, Miko and Meisha. Tina is my fluffy lil’ white Maltese/Pekingese mix. She is the spunky one out of the bunch. Ochie is my lil’ doe-faced Chihuahua. She is such a sweet lil’ thing. I should have named her Bambi because she looks like a miniature deer. Miko and Meisha are my cats. They are beautiful Siamese mixes. They’re crazy! Anyway, the cats think they’re dogs and the dogs think they’re cats. Trust me, there is never a dull moment at Kaylani headquarters. Tina humps her stuffed animals while Ochie humps her. They are all girls. Yup. Never dull, I repeat.

W! You’re a tiny little lady, at 4’11” and a B cup, from what I read. I’ve always been amazed at how small some adult performers are, particularly ladies. Do you think that’s to make the dicks look bigger?

KL (laughing) Well it’s got to be an advantage for some guys because since I am so small, my little hands and mouth make their dicks look huge, so I know they love that. It’s also fun for me because I love getting spun and thrown around. I love that a guy can hold me over his head standing up while licking my pussy. The view from up there can be interesting!

W! Was it a tough transition for you as a petite woman to start working with “porn star size” cocks? Do you think the size of the woman has anything to do with what size of dick she can take?

KL Oh, who said anything about me not having had nice big cocks before I got into porn? (laughing) I don’t think the size of the woman has anything to do with the size [of] cock she can take. I say this assuringly [sic!] as I have asked many men and they admit it has nothing to do with the size of the woman. I can be my lil’ 4’11” self and take a mean, big cock in a scene. Granted, I’ll be sitting on ice later that night or walking funny the next day, but hey at least we got a great scene!

W! Have you found that being small but still being a powerhouse performer ever takes people by surprise? Do they expect you to be more demure, or girly because of your size?

KL Aww, well thank you! That actually was a compliment within your question! (laughing) I think we all have a small amount of prejudgment towards anybody we don’t know very well. I’m sure people have their preconceived notions of me and how I will act towards them, but at the end of the day I truly believe they’re in for a pleasant surprise once they have met me. I think the most common comment I get when fans meet me in person is, “Wow, I had no idea you were so petite!” And that is why we have such great photographers and camera crew to shoot me with angles to make me look taller!

W! You seem to really love what you do, and to take a lot away from it by keeping yourself open to learning and new experiences. But do you ever get bored by your job? It sounds like a dumb question, I know, because it is sex, after all. But do you ever feel desensitized to sex? Or is it just a matter of keeping work and personal sex separate?

KL Working with other professionals in the industry is what makes it an actual “work day.” We are all in a professional, controlled environment on a set. When the director has yelled “Cut!” and “It’s a wrap!” we leave everything on the set, and go home to our lives, families, and responsibilities. Although yes, it is sex, and I get to sit and cum all over somebody, I still have to wake up to an alarm clock and drag my feet in the morning to get to work on time.

W! I’ve heard you say that it’s tough to watch your own scenes but you do it anyway so you can take notes for your next scene on what to improve. It struck me that it must be difficult to keep track of what you’re doing while you’re having crazy sex. How do you learn to keep your brain in control while you’re fucking, so you can remember what to do and what not to do?

KL Yeah, there are times where I am very aware of what the hell I’m doing throughout a scene as far as positions, arching my back, pointing my toes, not wrinkling my nose or eyebrows in that weird way… But then when that scene gets heated and the chemistry level between me and the person fucking me gets higher… Forget it. Donzo [sic!]… I’m not thinking about a damn thing other than getting off and getting fucked. No amount of toe pointing and lip pouting could be hotter than that at that point. (laughing)

W! What’s your favorite sex act to perform on camera, and is it different from what you like in your personal life?

KL Blow job. And yes, it’s very similar in my personal life. Although I like to tell the guys I date to stroke their cock for a minute while I watch so that I can imitate the same hand movement on them as I suck it at the same time. [WHACK! Editorial note: That’s hot!]

W! You’ve been in the business for quite a while now; much longer than a lot of girls manage. Any idea how many movies/scenes you’ve been in?

KL Tough to say exactly how many, because many of my scenes from a feature get put into a compilation and then that gets added onto the number of movies I’ve done. If I had to guesstimate, I’d say a little over a hundred movies.

W! How did you get started in the industry and was it ever something you thought about before?

KL I was stripping at a couple clubs in Vegas. I really was not good at being a stripper, in fact I sucked at hustling and was far from approachable to the men. I did, however enjoy the fast, easy money and wanted to continue to make that money; but somehow without it being from dancing. At that moment one of the dancers had explained this thing on the Internet which at that time back then I wasn’t savvy to, called websites. (laughing) It sounded like a great idea: “Sure! Just take a bunch of nudie pics, post them online, and make money? Why not!?” That is how I looked at it. And from there I was set up with photographers, and did a few photo shoots, ended up taking a trip to LA and met up with a porn agent. The rest is history! Here I am. ;0)

W! I’ve read that you are interested in psychology and that might have been an alternative career for you if you hadn’t gone into the adult industry. But it seems to me that the two put together could be a really interesting combination. Do you find yourself being someone that other people in the industry go to for advice? Do you psychoanalyze industry people?

KL (laughing) I psychoanalyze everybody! Not because I am being judgmental, but figuring out people and their mannerisms, body language, and way of thinking enables me to interact with them on a level to which they would be comfortable with me. Generally if you exude kindness and warmth to others, you will in return receive acceptance and respect, and then everybody’s happy. I guess, I mean that is my personal opinion from my own experiences anyway. It’s all about respect, I can only try my best, and be myself, and if that still doesn’t work, and someone still wants to be a douchebag, then oh well, that’s when I just have to say, “Oh yeah? Go fuck y’self.” (laughing)

W! I’ve heard a lot of performers say that they get sex and relationship questions from their fans, and it seems like a sweet person like you, with an interest in psychology, might be great at giving that kind of advice. Can you give any to your fans? Whack! readers?

KL Oooh, I think I covered that in my answer to the previous question.
Sex advice… Keep it wet! And by “it,” I mean everything! Spit on it continuously if you have to!

W! What are some upcoming things we can look forward to from Kaylani Lei?

KL More wonderful hot ass movies from Wicked! More HBO/Cinemax appearances. I will be returning to the fourth season of Co-Ed Confidential as Minx. Naked Lust is currently airing on Cinemax, and I will be in another episode of Zane’s Sex Chronicles. Latest movie of mine out is Never Say Never where I do my first on-screen anal, and the last movie I’ve just completed is Mad Love, which we just shot last week, so I will keep everyone posted on its release date. And last but not least, I look forward to seeing everyone at AVN in Vegas, baby!

W! It’s a shame we didn’t see you at Exxxotica NY, but are there other appearances or signings we can hope to catch up with you at soon?

KL Ahhh, yes, I would’ve loved to be at Exxxotica NY, but I was at the Sexpo convention in Denver :o) The next place I’ll be is Vegas! AVN

Follow Kaylani on Twitter: @Kaylani_Lei, and visit her official website at http://www.clubkaylanilei.com.

– Interview by our fantabluous jizz journalist, Miss Lagsalot

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    Great insightful interview. KL has a senual aloofness to her which is intriguing and mystified. I didn't know she was so tiny. Wow, camera angles are amazing.


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