KIRSTEN PRICE — “I like to think that I’m an equal opportunity fucker.”

WHACK! staph sexpert Miss Lagsalot recently got a lucky chance to talk to Kirsten Price, Wicked Picture’s girl-next-door-who-loves-to-fuck Kirsten Price, and jumped all over it like a fat kid on a birthday cake! Here’s what they talked about:

WHACK! You’ve been a Wicked Contract girl since 2005 and are still going strong in 2010. What are your plans for the future? Are you planning on staying with Wicked, or maybe moving on to start your own company?

Kirsten Price I definitely plan on staying with Wicked for as long as possible. Having said that, I don’t want to be one of those girls preforming after my prime. I want people to remember me as young and beautiful. I don’t plan on starting my own company but I would be interested in directing some movies for Wicked. I would like to start out making some really pretty high-end fashion type vignettes. Porn and fashion are my two driving forces in life, so it would only make sense for me to combine the two. I plan on starting to make some of my own designs in the near future, so maybe I’ll be able to incorporate those in as well.

W! You had hardly even broken on to the porn scene when Wicked picked you up — you were very new to the industry. What made you decide to jump from modeling into videos and a career in the adult industry?

KP I was very new to the industry when I got signed to Wicked. Needless to say I am very lucky. I always enjoyed modeling but with my height you can only go so far. I was definitely interested in the adult industry from a very young age and obviously have no problem being naked in front of people. I guess I was just curious and wanted to see what it would be like. Once I started, I just didn’t want to stop.

W! How would you advise young girls today, in 2010, who are interested in getting into porn?

KP I would just tell them to make sure it’s something they really want to do and not just a passing phase or a way to make easy money. This career will follow you for the rest of your life. You also need to make sure that the important people in your life are okay with your decision. Ultimately the decision is yours but nothing is worse than losing friends or family members because of a career choice.

W! You’re originally from the East Coast and spent some time living in New York, where the WHACK! Magazine staph mostly resides. How do you like LA? Do you miss New York? Would you ever move back?

KP I love LA! I’m very happy there, you can’t beat the weather. I’m actually in NYC right now and I absolutely love it here, too. I don’t think I would ever consider moving back full time. I just can’t take the winters. Being bi-coastal would be really cool though. I’d love to have the best of both worlds. I have so many good friends in NYC and in LA so that would be ideal for me.

W! You’ve said in interviews that during sex scenes you are entirely yourself and you forget the lights, camera, and people. But how is that even possible? Do you have the same kind of athletic, incredibly beautiful, artistic sex in your private life?

KP It’s hard to completely forget that the cameras are there because you have to be aware of your lighting and opening up for the camera. Once I get going though, I definitely let go. I try to make my scenes as genuine as possible, so I make sure that I have great chemistry with my costar. In my personal life, I do for the most part have pretty crazy sex. I also enjoy nice, sweet, romantic, love-making kind of sex, which is nice because that isn’t the type of sex you have at work.

W! What big movies do you have coming up? Signings? Appearances? Feature dancing gigs? Etc?

KP Wicked’s big feature for the year is coming out in Sept. It’s called Speed and it’s about the world of motorcycle racing. It has a sort of Torque/Fast and the Furious type vibe to it… only way more sexy. I also have a comedy called Love in an Elevator coming out soon. It was directed by Stormy Daniels. Another future release is Until There Was You, a love story directed by Johnathan Morgan. And my newest release, Trash Talk, directed by Barrett Blade, should be in stores now. I will be appearing at the Sexpo show in South Africa at the end of September/beginning of October.

W! What is your natural hair color? Is it really red? (I’m a red head, so I always like to show solidarity with pale, pasty people like myself.)

KP My natural hair is dark brown. It does have a little red to it though. Red hair runs in my family. My little sister and cousin are redheads so we’ve definitely got the ginger thing going on. I feel more like myself as a redhead. It took me a while to find the right color but I’m going to stick with this one.

W! We recently had a reader ask an interesting question about how porn performers keep their private and public personas separate. How do you do it? Do different people call you by different (screen/real) names? Do you act differently at work than you do at home?

KP My friends all call me by my real name. I try to keep my work and personal life separate. I am who I am and for the most part my personality doesn’t change. Kirsten is, however, just a bit more slutty and uninhibited. Most people know what I do for a living but it’s not a big deal. It’s just like any other job. It’s like I’m a dentist; the only difference is my tools are cocks and pussies!

W! You’ve said that you love all sex, but do you like women in real life? Have you ever had a relationship or sexual experience with a relationship outside of work?

KP I love women. I have sex with women off camera all the time. I like to think that I’m an equal opportunity fucker.

W! How much training do you do for your feature roles? Do you prefer features to gonzo?

KP I prefer doing feature roles. I love to act, and getting the chance to combine acting and sex is just amazing for me. It’s fun to get to take on another persona for a little while. As far as preparation for my roles goes, I read over the script and try to get a feel for my character and the way I’m going to play her. I get myself pretty familiar with the dialogue but don’t try to memorize all of it. When I get on set, I like to run the lines with my costars and that helps me to get a better feel for how I am going to play the role. That’s when the memorization comes into play. I have an extremely easy time getting my lines down. I guess I was born for this!

W! You’ve seen the porn landscape change in your time in the industry, from gonzo as king back to big features making all the money. Where do you think the biz will be on that count in five years? Still big parodies or features, or back to gonzo, or something else?

KP I have no idea! If I had a crystal ball I would tell you but this is a very fickle industry. Fads come and go, but the classy, high-end movies that Wicked makes seem to be timeless. I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing and hope for the best.

W! You’ve just recently (earlier this year) started doing parodies. Tell us a little about it. Did you enjoy playing a role that someone else has already set the bar on?

KP I only got to do one parody. It was the Taxi parody and Wicked loaned me out to Voyeur to play the role of Elaine. I thought it was an amazing experience and my character was a pretty straightforward East Coast girl, so I don’t think it was too hard for me to get into.

W! If you could pick a movie to make a porn parody of, and pick your own role in it — any role in the world — what movie would you do, and who would you play? (And which other characters would they fuck?)

KP Well, it’s an awesome idea and I’ve never seen it done, so if it gets made, I’m blaming it on you. I would love to play Catherine in a Cruel Intentions parody. That movie is super sexy. I’ll get back to you on the cast when Wicked decides to make it!

W! You’ve also done a lot of projects in the mainstream community, on reality shows, for Playboy, etc. Any other mainstream roles or projects we can look forward to?

KP I am working on some pretty big mainstream stuff right now but I don’t want to jinx it. You’ll just have to wait and see!

W! Besides having fantastic sex on camera and an innate talent for acting, are there any other talents we have yet to see Kirsten Price show the world?

KP I am a really good cook. I’m also trying to get into designing my own clothes, swimwear, and jewelry.

W! Any industry-related appearances, signings, feature-dancing gigs, etc. we can send all our smut fans to see you at?

KP None booked right now. Just got off the road from a ton of feature bookings.

W! Any other big projects you’d like to promote?

KP Check out my website

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