RAVEN ALEXIS — “Sex is one of the most empowering things in the universe.”

WHACK! Hi, Raven! We are so happy to have gotten a few minutes of your very busy schedule all to our grubby little selves! Thanks so much for sitting down to answer our burning questions!

First of all, I’m hoping most of our readers aren’t total n00bs and know who you are, but just in case, could you give us a brief intro?

Raven Alexis Hi there! Well for those that don’t know, my name is Raven Alexis, I’m a Digital Playground contract actress, as well as the founder and owner of Raven Alexis Productions. Our foremost site is www.ravenalexis.com, which is my own personal XXX reality porn website.

W! We’re really excited to talk to you because you are something of a whiz kid in both the world of porn and, well, the rest of the world! You graduated high school at 15 and college at 18 — what was it like being so far ahead in school? Were you popular or dorky or both?

RA It was always a little weird being the youngest kid in school, and it didn’t really lend itself to fitting into one particular group. The only thing that I had going for me was doing other people’s homework for them.

W! How did a smart kid like you discover her sexuality, and how did you decide that nude modeling and then porn were the paths your big brain should take in life?

RA I have always been a highly sexual person, and after being approached to do nude modeling, and giving it a try, I found that it was completely sexually empowering and made me feel very alive. So I decided to go full tilt and never look back, and here I am!

W! You are one of the newest Digital Playground contract girls, and things seem to be going really well for you so far! How do you like it with DP?

RA I have been with Digital Playground now for a year, hard to believe that! It’s been amazing, I’ve already been in one huge movie, “Fly Girls,” and five of my own feature films, including “Desires,” “Jack’s POV 16,” and most recently, “The Substitute,” and now we have our latest huge movie coming out on September 21, “Body Heat.” It’s just so incredible to be able to make huge budget feature adult films, and then have all of my extra time devoted to my gonzo/reality porn company and be able to give fans such a diverse look at myself!

W! Do you get confused when people call Digital Playground “DP”? I do. I always think they’re talking about Double Penetration in a scene. Do you do DPs?

RA Haha, I always have thought it is funny. I wonder when they started the company if they realized how many jokes would be made about it. I have never done a DP, but I leave my options always open, so it might be something that fans will get to see in the future!

W! You call yourself a “reality porn star” because you like to show your fans a lot about your real life outside of sex scenes and performance. This seems to have done really well for you in your career, but does it make it hard for you to have a separate personal life?

RA Well the whole point of me doing that is to make my personal life open to my fans. Fantasy is great, and my fans get to see that side of me with my movies from Digital Playground, but if fantasy has nothing behind it, then there is no allure to it. By seeing me as a porn star in my natural element, and that by seeing that level of sex positivity and openness that I live my life by, I know that the adult industry can become more mainstream and less taboo.

W! How do you keep your personal life (name, family, hobbies, etc.) private?

RA Well, I obviously do have a private life that I wouldn’t show on camera, and I have been great in the regard that my fans are super respectful for the most part, and for that, I am very grateful.

W! I hear you’re part Native American. Do you get in touch with that part of your heritage? If so, it’s always seemed to me that Native American societies tended to be much more open about sex and sexuality. What do you think white culture could take from Native culture that would be helpful?

RA I love being Native. I think that given my background, I do tend to be a lot more open about sex, hence my desire to share that love of sex and open attitude with other people! Sex is one of the most empowering things in the universe, and also one of the most beautiful. It should be celebrated and showcased.

W! So, we have it on good authority that along with your huge, sexy brain, you’ve got a huge and even sexier geek side. You build your own computers (!!!), do much of your own editing and web work, and you love sci-fi and fantasy. Do you find your geek side fulfilled by friends in the porn world?

RA I find that surprisingly, there are a lot of geeks in the porn world. One more thing that I think a reality porn site helps showcase — the parts of us that people wouldn’t normally guess or know. It’s great to not only love watching someone perform on camera, but then find out that you have a whole plethora of other things in common with them — i.e. playing Xbox, WoW, or whatever the case may be.

W! Ok, and I’ve got to ask you a few geek questions:

Buffy or Firefly?

RA Well, never really gotten into either of them, but I am not a Buffy person, so I’d say out of the two, probably Firefly.

W! Who’d win in a fight: Spiderman or Wolverine?

RA They’d have to fight over me for me to figure that out!

W! Star Wars or Star Trek?

RA Definitely Star Trek! Huge fan! I am going back and watching every episode of all the series at this point!

W! Would you rather do Captain Picard or Captain Kirk?

RA Captain Picard — I have a huge thing for bald guys!

W! Personally, I’d go Picard. Sir Patrick Stewart is the only older man I would totally go for. Do you dig older guys, and if so, who would you pick?

RA I like guys that are generally anywhere between the ages of 30, 35 to 50. I think they are a lot more mature, and usually much more experienced in bed.

W! Ok, last geek question: if you could pick any sci-fi or fantasy series or movie to do a porn parody of, and if you could pick the casting, who would you play, in what movie, and who would you have sex with?

RA I would make my own! I seriously want to do a Star Trek-ish, sci-fi based full length film one of these days! It will happen!

W! I can’t wait to see it! You’re an Aquarius, so I wasn’t surprised to read an interview with you where you said it was your goal to break down the barriers between adult and mainstream entertainment. Do you have any plans for mainstream projects?

RA I’m very interested in and actively pursuing mainstream projects. It is one of my main goals — but of course, I will never give up adult acting, because it is my passion as well. I have been taking acting lessons, and am constantly honing my craft. There are a lot of huge things on the horizon!

W! Ok, last question! Any appearances, signings, dancing gigs, big projects, etc. coming up that we can tell our readers about?

RA The latest thing on the horizon for Raven Alexis and Raven Alexis Productions is the redesign and relaunch of www.ravenalexis.com — we also just hired an amazing Director of Marketing and Promotions that is going to take my company to new heights.

Digital Playground’s big movie of the fall, “Body Heat,” starring Jesse Jane, Riley Steele, myself, Kayden Kross, Katsuni, etc. is coming out on September 21st, and I guarantee that every single person out there is going to be blown away! (No pun intended; you’ll see what I mean when you watch the movie.)

W! Again, Raven, thanks so much for answering our weird and ridiculous questions! We appreciate it so much and are really excited about this interview!

RA Thanks for the interview!

Sinterview conducted by WHACK! Staph sexpert, Miss Lagsalot.

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