landed montana lynsey g
The sun setting from the dash of our car as we drove toward Bozeman, MT a few days ago.

Hello again, world!

We made it to Missoula! We only ran out of gas once, and only had to eat in a truck stop once! And had to cancel only one stop with friends due to strep throat! And the hamster survived! Now that we’ve landed, we are unpacking and nesting, and resting our very tired bodies and souls.

I have basically no idea what happened in the outside world for the past week and a half, except for Star Wars, Back to the Future Day (which, by the way, is the day we arrived in our new home–this bodes well), and some horrible something or other with Americans bombing a hospital and killing innocent people. So basically, the isolation is kind of soothing and unsettling at the same time.

I’ll do some catching up on news and thoughts, and I’ll be back with you soon! Gotta get my writing wheels turning again after the moving wheels slow down.

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