Let Go of 2020. Let’s Go in 2021!

I didn’t meet any of my goals for 2020. In some ways, I’m disappointed in myself. But the year was a massive lesson in patience, perseverance, and learning. And honestly, anything that managed to happen was a huge victory! I want to tell you what I got up to, what I didn’t do, what I learned…and what’s coming in the new year! (Hint: It’s a lot!) Let’s go!

I can’t wait to see what you think of the podcast, all my new writing projects, and 2021 generally! In the comments here or on the video itself on YouTube, tell me what your plans are, and how 2020 helped prepare you for what’s coming. Oh, and don’t forget to hit “like,” leave a comment, and subscribe to the YouTube channel!

You can check out the podcast’s first few episodes now on Spotify, Amazon, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Pocket Casts, Castro, and Audible. Just search for “Hourgasm.” And stay tuned—there’s a lot more excitement to come in 2021 about that!

Speaking of podcasts, you can revisit my appearances on Gaia Morissette’s podcasts here, here, and here!

And, of course, you can find all the comics I published with Oneshi Press at the online store. You can help support indie comics publishing that gives a shit at Oneshi Press’s Patreon—and get awesome goodies as a reward. Or, start collaborating with me via my interactive storytelling project at the Zombie Adoption Program.

Let’s go, 2021! Let’s make it happen.

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