Let the Festivities Begin!

It is now Friday, which marks the start of the official Miss Lagsalot/Lynsey G BIRTHDAY WEEKEND! There’s a chance I’ll get inspired in between parties and hangovers and decide to post a new blog entry, but I won’t promise anything!

In the meantime, I’m happy to report that, just like so many previous times in my life, Tristan Taormino has made me feel much better about the world of pornography after yesterday’s descent into Khan Tusion-fired depression. Danny Wylde, of course, helped a lot.

Check out this outstanding interview on Danny Wylde’s blog as part of his “ethical porn project.” Tristan Taormino, my personal hero and consummate feminist director of high-class, super-smart smut, dishes on consent, sobriety, and personal choice on her sets, and it makes me kind of feel like there are flowers and birds chirping outside and rainbows and butterflies on every one of her movies. If only all directors were so concerned with ethics! But hey, some are, and hopefully outspoken advocates like Tristan will help turn it into the industry standard! You go, lady!

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