Losing It to the Tube Sites, Plus an Obscenity Invitation

This Sunday, I’ll go live once again to read the next chapter from my memoir. Today, I’m issuing an invitation for you to join me! And I’m posting the video from my last reading for your enjoyment.

Video of Chapter 19: Losing It to the Tubes

Back on June 23, I read Chapter 19 from my award-winning memoir, Watching P*rnlive on Facebook. “Losing It to the Tubes” was a long exploration of the origins, rise to power, and implications of adult industry giant MindGeek. This massive company exerts a monopoly-like influence over adult entertainment worldwide. And it goes deeper, and gets weirder, than you may think. Watch the video of the chapter reading below, or check it out (and hit that LIKE button!) on Facebook or YouTube!

Invitation to Chapter 20: P()rn, Art, and Obscenity

Here’s your formal invitation to join me for another live reading this Sunday! I’ll go live on Facebook at 1:00 p.m. on July 7 to read Chapter 20: P()rn, Art, and Obscenity! In this chapter, we’ll take a look at the laws around pornography and obscenity by examining the fraught relationship between art and smut. And we’ll look at it all through the lens of one particularly disturbing figure in adult entertainment: Max Hardcore.

I’ll also discuss some news items around sexuality and adult entertainment before the reading. And after it’s over, I’ll open up the discussion for a live Q&A with viewers afterwards. So please drop by my Facebook page this Sunday to watch, listen, chat, and ask questions!

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