Luna Luna: Interview with Nina La Voix

Photo by Jayel Draco

I did an interview with Nina La Voix, the Professional Badass Bitch of Burlesque, and it’s up now on Luna Luna Magazine! Nina is a friend and a fierce, feisty female who sings, dances, choreographs, and booty bounces all over the United States, but especially here in New York.

A little taste of her badassery: “You can be a bad girl and still be classy. For instance, there are some very nice, soft, sweet performers and they’re pretty much floating on a cloud, and they do a lot of cutesy stuff and maybe wear pink. That’s just not me. I approach things a little bit differently. We all have our strengths.”

Go ahead and read the whole interview at Luna Luna! We discussed singing, costuming, twerking, NoLa bouncing, stripping out of prison uniforms… you know. The usual.

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