Luna Luna is Accepting Submissions!

Luna Luna Magazine, a diary of culture, literature, sex, and magic, made for and by darklings, is looking for writers and submissions!

I write a monthly-ish sex advice column for Luna Luna, as well as the occasional op-ed and interview, and I sometimes curate and edit others’ work for them, as well. Luna Luna is unfortunately, at the moment, a non-paying market, but it’s a fantastic community of creative, talented, intelligent, loving, supportive people that I enjoy being a part of. Also sexy. They’re very sexy.

Are you interesting? Articulate? Hopefully of a feminist mindset? Interested in being smart and thoughtful? Check it out! I’m reblogging guidelines and info below:

Open to everything, including poetry & fiction.

Send submissions to LUNALUNASUBMIT at gmail dot com

We are seeking original, creative and engaging content. While our staff is largely made up of women, we welcome and encourage all voices to submit. Luna Luna is into diverse, powerful, sexual, risky, absurd, dark and intellectual opinions & ideas. We’re a progressive site but we’re not into peddling over-saturated ideas and rants. We’re interested in authenticity, beauty and detail. We like engaged and lush writing. We like the uncomfortable.

If you want to become a staff writer (1x-2x posts per month, or more), please let us know! Make sure you note in the cover letter that you’d like to be considered for staff or as a columnist. Wander over here for more info on open roles.

We seek content in any form you find appealing, including:

  • 1st-person essays
  • Features
  • Investigative pieces
  • Interviews
  • Round-ups
  • Lists
  • Photo essays
  • Diary entries
  • Hand-written notes
  • Conversations

We are looking for content in the following areas:

  • Social Issues: Feminism / Gender / Race / LGBTQ
  • Travel / Cultural experiences
  • Diary entries
  • Occult (tarot, dreams, witchcraft, religion, spirituality)
  • Beauty & Fashion (no hard rules here, but it should fit into LL’s aesthetic)
  • General Interest / News Opinions / Lifestyle
  • Career Advancement
  • Relevant Celebrity News (if said celebrity has does something amazing and progressive)
  • Arts (interviews with poets, fiction writers, lit round-ups, your favorite books)
  • Vintage / retro
  • Sexuality
  • Health (if it has a service-oriented component)


Please note that if you would like to write for us, you a) will not be financially compensated (though you will be part of a supportive community!)  b) understand that we reserve the right to edit, add or change photographs and titles and to copy-edit your work and c) will read our “About” and “FAQ” pages thoroughly.

We ask you to share your work and encourage others to submit to Luna Luna as well.

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