MADISON MONTAG — “I love my dick too much to lose it to a knife!”

WHACK! Magazine heard about Madison Montag, the youngest transsexual woman in the bang biz, just a week or so ago. This feisty feminine firebrand might be small, but she is fierce! Miss Lagsalot had to talk to her to get her fresh perspective on being a trans woman in a man’s world!

WHACK! MAGAZINE Madison, you are one of the youngest trans women porn stars to hit the mainstream! Jut how old are you right now?

MADISON MONTAG 18 and holding, that’s all I’m saying! Haha!

W! You’re very self-assured and seem very self-aware and driven for your age. What do you think has given you such a mature mindset at such a young age?

MM Most of it hits close to home. I was told by people I would never be anything or succeed at anything, and I always wanted to prove them wrong. Not many people know this, but before I even hit the porn scene, I educated myself and did my research. Mike Moz from LA Direct was one of the first people to give me advice, and I still take it to date. I was being also educated by other porn actors whose names will remain anonymous, but they showed me the ropes on the industry. I learned that it is literally a dirty business that will chew you up and spit you out if you don’t play your cards right or do your research. They’re mostly the reason why I’m so grounded and aware of the stuff that goes down in the industry. I learned so much from them and gained a lot of insight on the biz. Thanks guys, you know who you are!

W! You’ve always known you were female inside a man’s body, but you haven’t started physically transitioning yet, right? When will you begin?

MM For a while I was very uneducated on the whole process of transitioning but a good friend and photographer of mine, Jasmine Jewels, educated me on it and I have now started transitioning and begun hormone treatment.

W! Have you had any work done so far? Surgery or hormones?

MM No I haven’t had any surgery… yet. As for hormones, I barely started and I’m so excited to see how everything changes. It really fascinates me. I like my fans to see me grow up in front of the camera into my womanhood. I’m like the Miley Cyrus of Porn.

W! You’ve said in interviews that you’ve wanted to have breasts for years and can’t wait to get implants. How big do you want them to be?

MM Probably a small C cup, which will look big on my tiny frame. But I don’t want to go too crazy and look like I have basketball tits, ya, know? I want to look like a real woman, not a tranny.

W! Will you go for bottom surgery eventually, or do you want to keep part of your male body?

MM You mean castrate myself and get my dick cut off? Laughing. Actually no. I don’t know why, but I don’t see myself with a vagina. I love my dick too much to lose it to a knife!

W! From what I’ve heard, you are a very “girly-girl” and hope someday to have a rich husband who you can dress up for every night. But at the same time, you pride yourself on your aggressive and hardcore performances. Do you think that your private sex life will be as hardcore?

MM Aww, thank you! I do want that so bad! I’m so used to being taken care and I like to please my lover. As in the sex in my private life, it’s way more hardcore than you see on film, let’s leave it at that.

W! So how did you decide to get into porn?

MM To be honest, I live in a small conservative town in West Texas ,AKA the middle of nowhere. I can’t get a normal job just because I’m a transsexual sadly. Not even Burger King would hire me, it’s that conservative. After losing my virginity in September, I became more comfortable with my body and decided to do porn. I contemplated doing porn for about 3 years and I finally just let go of all my inhibitions and did it.

W! How did you choose your name?

MM Well, my mom thought she was going to have a girl when she was pregnant with me so she was going to name me Madison. I’ve always liked the name Madison, it reminds me of that preppy bitchy cheerleader in high school that everyone wanted to fuck. Laughing. Montag is obviously from Heidi Montag. I look up to her, she has a carefree attitude and [although] many people do trash her, it never phases her. She does what she wants and doesn’t let anyone stop her. I admire that trait in her.

W! You’ve branded yourself as “Your Best Kept Secret.” What’s the idea behind this catchphrase?

MM Laughing. Well all my life all the guys I dated where too ashamed to be seen with me, some were military, married, had girlfriends, etc. I know, I was a very bad girl back in my younger days! I once blew this really hot married guy and he asked me if I would be discrete about it and keep it a secret. We live in a small town so news travels fast. I ended up whispering in his ear, “I’ll be your best kept secret.” Ever since then the catchphrase stuck on me like bubblegum on the bottom of your shoe. I am still every guy’s best kept secret till this very day. SHH!

W! You’re very new in the industry, less than a year into it, but you’ve already done a lot of work. Tell us about your experience so far.

MM In late October, my personal assistant sent my pictures to Steven, the owner of Grooby, and he set up a shoot with my old photographer JP EWING, in Austin, which is like 4 hours away from me. I was so eager to shoot that I got my friend to buy me a plane ticket and I flew there ASAP to shoot. I shot two photo sets and two solos and that’s it.

In early November, I was following a very talented makeup artist on Twitter named Angie Peek. She’s done some makeup for transsexual films but mostly mainstream stuff. She ended up showing Steve Volponi from Devil’s Film my Twitter picture, which was not even a professional photo of me, just some low quality picture, and he was like, “I have to shoot this girl.” After that, my name spread like wildfire and Steve Volponi was wanting to shoot me for his AVN best-selling series America’s Next Top Tranny and Tom Moore from Devil’s Film was interested in shooting me the series Transsexual Babysitters. Long story short, Tom personally flew me out from Texas to LA right after Thanksgiving to film my first hardcore/DVD, Transsexual Babysitters 14 (FYI: It’s already a best seller). I ended up getting the boxcover, which I felt I deserved after all the work I put into my scene.

In December, I shot for Shemale Club, which is like the Penthouse or Hustler of transsexual porn. I was the first flat-chested girl they ever really shot, and I felt very privileged that the owner gave me a shot. She only had seen B&W webcam photos of me but in the end, they turned out great.

In February, I shot a solo and three photo sets for Bob’s Tgirls and finally made my debut and got to work with Steve Volponi. I got cast in America’s Next Top Tranny: Season 11, which releases later this month. Steve is more like a dad to me. I want to make him proud and do my very best for him at whatever I can do. He’s really the first person who discovered me and never gave up on me. He’s always believed in me.

In April, I shot my first online web hardcore with Ricky Sinz for

W! Have you found the industry to be a safe place for a trans woman like yourself?

MM Pretty much, besides the hateful forums like HungAngels and HungDevils. Just a bunch of closeted homosexuals and jealous transsexuals who have nothing better to do than write negative and false things about innocent people. The people who post on that site make me sick and those sites should be shut down.

W! Have you felt exploited, or empowered?

MM Yes and yes. My photographer Jasmine Jewels helped me get over the feeling of feeling exploited by a certain company I once worked for [that] is really shady. Jasmine empowered me to be something: a strong independent businesswoman who doesn’t need a man to support her (even though I want to be taken care of). She met me when I was a nobody at Tom Moore’s house and she was inspired by me and never lost faith in me.

W! You’ve mentioned that you were lucky to be mentored by older performers; can I ask who they were?

MM I’d rather protect their privacy and not stir up any rumors or more drama. I don’t call myself your best kept secret for nothing.

W! So it seems like you’ve been through some industry drama and tough personal shit in your life in the past year. Care to dish on any of that?

MM Mostly jealous catty girls. I’m the baby and they think they can walk all over me and what not, and I don’t like that. I may be little but I don’t take crap from anyone. People perceive me as a “self-absorbed bitch” mostly because I don’t go on those little forums and trash talk people, and because I have a voice. I once tweeted something about, “Girls (TS) who escort give us a bad name in the industry,” and I got so much shit for it but I didn’t care. I spoke my word, burned some bridges, but it’s my opinion. I don’t judge anyone who escorts, that’s their life they’re endangering. I personally just get tired of being asked by people if I escort just because I’m a transsexual and most transsexuals do escort. I’m one of the very few who stick to my morals and don’t do it. There’s a gray line between porn and escorting. I’ve had a lot of losses but losing everything gave me the ability to live again. I felt like a bird set free from a cage.

W! You’ve said that you want to change the industry. What aspects of it?

MM I want transsexuals to be more mainstream and be extras in films. I want the genuine girls like myself, Jesse, etc. to be bigger than just a “fetish.” I may sound crazy but I want to be the first transsexual Penthouse Pet. I’ve already changed the industry a little bit by being the first transsexual to be interviewed by straight people in the industry, like Adult Broadcast Network, Tony Batman, etc. I just want us to be accepted like every other girl and people to see we’re not freaks and that transsexuals are beautiful women.

W! How do you feel about how trans women are represented in mainstream porn?

MM I think there could more extra transsexuals used in mainstream porn. That’s just my opinion. This business is just too homophobic and doesn’t want to risk anything. I don’t blame them for not using certain girls with reputations of escorting and what not because you’re taking a risk with the other actors/actresses

W! Why do you think trans porn is so popular, and do you think it can get more popular in the future as more people learn about trans people?

MM It’s like taboo, forbidden. It’s interesting to see a beautiful chick with a dick. I’m personally not attracted to transsexuals, but from what I’ve heard from guys transsexuals are more of a “woman” than actual genetic girls. Most of us take good care of ourselves and like to look good at all times. We don’t just throw on a hoodie, sweatpants, and a trucker hat to go shopping. Every person is different, but in my opinion I think people in the future will hopefully understand us more and our niche will get even bigger.

W! What kind of work have you done so far, and who have you enjoyed working with?

MM Mostly DVDs, couple of solos, photo sets and one web hardcore.

There are only two guys I’ve worked with when it came to hardcores, and that was my friend Gabriel and Ricky Sinz.

Ricky is my favorite to work with because he’s like my dream man. Tall, dark, tattooed, muscular, gorgeous, etc. He’s more than just looks though, he’s an intriguing person and a sweetheart. I enjoyed working with him A LOT! It’s kind of ironic because I used to jerk off to Ricky when I was younger and now I have him fucking me. Crazy world. But overall both guys are sweet and genuine. I personally just have a little crush on Ricky because he’s my dream man and I love his carefree personality. We recently did a hardcore for and I was his first TS he has ever done a done a scene with. I felt honored. My dream had came true. It’s a definite must-see for sure! He sacrificed his reputation to do that scene with me and I have nothing but respect for that man. He’s the one guy in my life who never disappointed me or let me down. I also love how he has the ability to make me laugh and calm me down when I get anxious. Those are good qualities in a man.

W! Are you doing porn just to pay for your transition, or do you think it will be a longer-running career for you?

MM Mostly my transition. I’m a young girl so I can’t answer if I’m in it for the long run. If I found the right guy and he was willing to offer me the life I’ve always wanted to live I would retire. Until then… we’ll see!

W! Why do you call yourself the “Miley Cyrus of Porn”?

MM I started doing porn at the shy age of 18. I had no boobs, no hormones, nothing. As time has gone by my fans have had the privilege to see me grow up in front of the camera and change. Miley did the same thing, minus the porn (that we know of!). I went from being the sweet innocent girl next door to the whore next door very fast. Laughing.

W! You’re into guys mainly. Have you ever experimented with women, for porn or outside of it?

MM No I have not. I’m open to it if there’s another man involved maybe. I’m really open minded. I’ll try anything once!

W! I heard that you just got your own radio show at ABN! What do you plan to do with it?

MM Just talk about what’s currently going on in the business and have guests on there. I want people to see that there’s more to porn than a dick in a pussy or, in my case, a dick in an ass. Laughing. I also want to help other aspiring stars and lead them into the right direction. I’ve seen so many girls be taken advantage of by this business and it sickens me! The show will vary from reviews on DVDS to sex toys and pretty much everything having to do with porn. Expect some comedy and cursing. I have the mouth of a trucker!

W! What are your goals in the industry, for yourself and for the industry as a whole?

MM To get my own website with Shemale Club, win AVN Transsexual Performer of the Year, and be Cybersiren of the Month.

W! Do you have any big movie releases coming out, signings, or appearances we can send people to? Websites?

MM America’s Next Top Tranny: Season 11 is available for pre-order and will be out later this May. I recently did a controversial scene with Ricky Sinz like I previously mentioned for and it’s so hot! At the end there’s a huge mess, let’s just say that!

—Sinterview conducted by our intrepid editor-in-chief, Miss Lagsalot.

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