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I’ve been sitting here staring at my computer for like an hour trying to figure out how to fit everything into this blog post. (Okay, I was also watching Instagram stories.) I was hoping if I pondered (and procrastinated) hard enough, I’d figure out how to elegantly combine all the things I want to include. But no matter how hard I tried (and scrolled), I just couldn’t come up with a solution.

Meh. I’m tired.

So, instead of a unified post that would have all the search engines creaming their pants, I give you… A random list of stuff that you might enjoy! A melange. Or a meh-lange, if you will. Interesting tidbits that will infuriate bots and drop this website to the very bottom of the internet. Why not? After all, you’ll find no elegance here, folks. So. Um. Ta-daa?

Upcoming Event: Next Chapter Reading

I’m reading another chapter from my memoir, Watching Porn, live on Facebook this Sunday, March 3! Join me for an hour of reading and chatting about “Chapter 12: The New Girl,” where I’ll regale you with the story of my abrupt rise and fall from Hollywood “it” girl-ness. I’ll also tell you more about the trajectory of a standard porn model’s career…and how my own brush with stardom taught me more about the rigors of “new girl” excitement than my years of writing about porn ever could have. I’ll go live at 1:00 p.m. MST (that’s 3:00 Eastern, noon Pacific) on my Facebook page. Drop by and say hi, hear the chapter, and stick around for the Q&A afterward!

New Comic Available on Comixology

My first-ever short comic, “Guts,” is available for download now from Comixology! It’s an eight-page short about feline companionship, LGBTQ longing, and magical horror… And I’m absolutely in love with it. With whimsically perfect illustrations by Diana Camero and lettering by Cardinal Rae, I’m also proud to say that “Guts” was created by an all-female team of badasses. I love adding to the field of badass women in comics! Go nab the digital short now, or check out Oneshi Press Anthology #07, where it first appeared alongside 52 pages of other comics and art, in print or digital!

New Article at Men’s Health

I haven’t been doing much freelance writing lately, as I’ve been focusing instead on editing and writing coaching. But an article I wrote last year for Men’s Health just published, and I’m excited to share it with you. I spoke with Brianna Rader, the creator of the sex-coaching app Juicebox, about the surprising number of straight men she’s seen flocking to her app. And about what kinds of questions they’re asking anonymously. Here’s a nibble:

“If we don’t include men in the conversation,” Rader says, “we’re not really going to ever change much. We need to be working with everyone.” Rader surmises that while women often have tightly connected social groups they can talk with about their sex and relationship questions, “not as many men talk about sexual topics really honestly with their friends.”

Read the rest at Men’s Health!

Food for Thought, Fun Facts, and Further Reading

  • I just read the most fascinating article over at the Rialto Report, and I think you might enjoy it, too. “When the NYPD made a Porn Film: Get your Popcorn for the Cop Porn” isn’t just a punny title, it’s a deep dive into the little-known story of that time the NYPD got into the hardcore porn industry. Go read it!
  • Have you all been listening to my hero Tina Horn’s epic podcast, “Why Are People Into That?!” If you haven’t…um…go listen. This podcast never fails to floor me with the insights it provides into fetishes, proclivities, and even general sex theory. And all with such panache! Just go listen.
  • Also, look, if you’re like me and a total dork about sex and pop culture…you need to check out Geeky Sex Toys. Like, yesterday. Aquaman-themed dildos? Captain America-based butt plugs? Darth Vibrators? Just. Go look. Right now.
  • I’m a little slow on the draw on this news, but have you heard that Evil Angel is making a film called “Consent”? Or that it’s going to star James Deen? Yeah. Well. That’s happening. I have a lot of feelings. Tell me yours in the comments!
  • In case anybody doesn’t know about the good work of the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Foundation, here’s a taste. Along with co-plaintiffs, they have filed an appeal to keep their lawsuit against FOSTA/SESTA alive. Bless them. Donate to them. Be thankful for them.

2 thoughts on “A Meh-lange of Blog Stuff: Links, Comics, Announcements & More!

  1. Adrian King says:

    James Deen in a movie called “Consent?” I have concerns.

    1. Lynsey G says:

      So. Do. I. It’s a case of porn shock-value marketing in extreeeemely poor taste, but it’s more than that. Evil Angel wants to give him “another chance.” *barf*


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