Missing Exxxotica

I’m sad to report that I will not be attending the Exxxotica adult industry trade expo in Edison, NJ this year. This will be the first time since 2008 or 2009 that I’m not going. I don’t even remember. It’s been part of my life for a long time.

Part of the reason is that it snuck up on me–it used to be held in early November, but they moved it up to early October this year, and by the time I realized it, getting my ducks in a row to make the trek to the convention center AND figure out press passes and a camera crew was simply not doable.

And part of the reason is that my coverage of the porn industry via interviews and reviews has been dropping off. This kind of makes me sad, but the truth is, duckies: I’m super busy on some other projects right now. Some of them still involve porn, sex, and all that goes with it, but some do not. It’s time for this writer to stretch her wings and see if there’s other territory to check out. It’s all moving slowly, though, and it makes me antsy. Part of me wants to just rent a car and drive to New Jersey and say hi to everyone I miss, but the other part of me knows that I’ve got to keep plugging away on what I’ve got going on right now. No distractions!

So, anyway, everyone who’s in Jersey right now at Exxxotica, have fun! Say hi to Ron for me! I don’t miss him, but I’m glad he’s ok! Talk about condoms and testing, and talk about body positivity, and talk about indie stuff! I might see some of you at Wasabasco’s cosplay extravaganza tonight, or maybe out at Sapphire tomorrow night, or maybe not at all. Hit me up if you’re in the city next week, all my besties (you know who you are)! Huggles and squishies, xoxo, Lynsey.

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