MISTI DAWN — “No one has sex on camera with out being wired a lil’ off!”

Have you been wondering what fire-haired vixen Misti Dawn’s been up to lately? We have! our crack staph tracked down the redheaded temptress and found out what her world’s been likely lately. In a word: HOTT.

WHACK! Hi Misti! Thanks so much for taking some time to do an interview with lil’ ol’ WHACK! Magazine! I know you’re pretty busy these days. So first of all, I find it hard to believe anyone that reads WHACK! wouldn’t know who you are already, but then again, with the type of scum we cater to, who knows? So just to be safe, could you tell us a little about yourself for starters?

MISTI DAWN Well my name is Misti Dawn. I play a lot of video games and watch cartoons. I’ve been known to be naked on DVDs and the inter webs.

W! You grew up in Kentucky, I hear. Do you drink Bourbon, then? What do you like to drink, if not your home state’s whiskey?

MD Oh, sweet bourbon. Personally I’m a whiskey drinker. My drink of choice is yummy old Jameson. It’s enjoyed worldwide!

W! I’m assuming your family knows by now what you do; what’s their take on it? Are they supportive or disapproving?

MD My family does know what I do and I’ve never hidden it from them. They aren’t disapproving because they know it’s not my career in life. It’s me exploring myself.

W! I heard a rumor that you got officially excommunicated from their church! Is that true?

MD Indeed. Last summer I got a letter from the Mormon Church that I was out.

W! How did that make you feel? Were you ever really religious growing up?

MD I personally did not care. I haven’t been to church in over 10 years and I never really felt religious. I am agnostic.

W! When did you first think you might want to get into doing porn? And how did you eventually make the decision for realz?

MD You know, I never really thought about it. I started doing Suicide Girls at 18 then a couple years later progressed into more hardcore shooting for Burning Angel and Belladonna, then eventually signed with LA Direct models and have worked for Jack the Zipper, Penthouse, and more.

W! I understand you’re working on getting your education while working in the industry to pay for it. Not a bad plan! What are you studying and what do you someday hope to do with your degree(s)? Do you think you’ll stop performing and start a new career in another field?

MD I am, although currently with moving out to California in August, I’ve been out of school for a year. Waiting for in-state status to return. I’ve changed my major about three times! As everyone seems to. I started as a biology major with a focus on pre-vet. Then psych. Now when I return I’m thinking PR in some way.

W! In the meantime, what’s your favorite thing about making porn, if you had to pick something?

MD The sex. Of course!

W! Do you do things in porn that you never imagined yourself doing before you started? Have you done anything really wild that you’d never thought you’d try?

MD Hmm. I wouldn’t say things I couldn’t imagine, but definitely things I couldn’t have lined up to happen in real life, like my favorite, the DP.

W! How about the opposite: are there things you don’t do on camera that you save for yourself?

MD Sex off camera is different even with out trying. So it’s hard to say.

W! Who do you look up to in the industry? Love working with?

MD I look up to Belladonna the most, without a doubt. She owns her sexuality yet is classy about doing the most insane things. I love working with Michael Vegas for obvious reasons (he’s my boyfriend).

W! Who do you want to work with that you haven’t yet?

MD I’d love to work with Jenna Haze

W! You are quite the flame-haired vixen… and since you’ve got the hair, I’ve gotta ask… Is it really that color? Do the curtains match the carpet?

MD Haha! Yes they do.

W! Did you get teased about your “burning bush” in high school? (I have red  hair, too, and I got teased like crazy, so I have to ask!)

MD Then you know my pain. Yes. Oh, poor us! Fire crotches!

W! Red hair comes along with verrrry pale skin in my experience, and you are super pale, my dear! Did anyone in the porn industry ever try to get you to tan?

MD Haha, funny! Yes, I did hear about someone mentioning that I need to tan and the person he was talking to swiftly said, “Um. She’s a redhead with tattoos…”

W! I’d think tanning might not be so good for your tattoos. Which, by the way, are fantastic. Are you planning any new ones currently?

MD Indeed it is not. They are all done by Adam Pots at Acme Ink in Louisville, KY. And yes, I want to sleeve my other arm in video game themes!

W! Do you think you’ll end up as one of those people who’s covered from head to foot in tattoos someday since you enjoy getting them so much? That could be cool.

MD Nah. I think once I get my other arm I’ll be done. I’m particular about symmetry and placement.

W! What kinds of piercings do you have going on?

MD Now, just my ears which are gauged 5/8. I used to have too many to list. And yes. In a naughty spot, too.

W! The porn industry tends to label people with tattoos “alt,” but do you consider yourself “alt” in any other way besides tattoos?

MD I think to do porn in any way you have to have some sort of “alt” mind set. No one has sex on camera with out being wired a lil’ off. I would say I’m more boring than most people think.

W! I hear you’re a bit of a gaming and sci-fi geek, so let me ask which you prefer…

MD Ok I can’t pick so I’ll pick the best I like of each!

W! Sega or Nintendo?

MD Sega Saturn and SNES.

W! Xbox or Playstation?

MD Equal love.

W! Star Wars or Star Trek?

MD Star wars

W! Dr. Who or X Files?

MD X Files.

W! Robots or zombies for the ultimate apocalypse?

MD Without a doubt, zombies!

W! Also, and this is important: do you have a zombie/robot apocalypse survival plan in place? If you don’t you should make one, stat.

MD Of course I do but I can’t share it because I don’t want people to come where I am hiding and foil my plans!

W! Ok, ok, I’ll stop asking inane questions.

MD Don’t, they are awesome!

W! This is the big one: do you have any big projects you’re working on, feature dancing gigs, signing events, or anything else coming up that we can look forward to?

MD I do. I’ve been shooting so much I don’t know all of it. I have two Penthouse movies coming out and I just was in Zero Tolerance’s Revenge of the Nerds XXX. Also, I shot for Blacks on Blondes. And of course my site relaunch at www.meowmistidawn.com.

W! And, lastly, any website plugs you want us to shamelessly publish for you?

MD Www.meowmistidawn.com, my lovely site with exclusive content. Www.itsmichaelvegas.com, where you can see my boyfriend bang hot ladies.

W! Again, thanks so much Misti! You are one of our faves over at WHACK! and  we’re so happy to have gotten some of your very busy schedule for our very own!

MD Loves you moreeeeeeee!

—Interview conducted by WHACK! Editor-in-Chief and Chief Degenerate, Miss Lagsalot.

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      Oh, I miss those days. Stocking up on geioods at VS. Nowadays, the husband and I go in, pick a few fantasy related items, bring them home to try them on together and have a good laugh. And they go back. Sigh.


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