Monkeys Incoming in 2 Weeks…

My absurd novella, Monkey Maids, is coming to Kickstarter in two weeks!

Buckle up, because it’s going to be a fracas of monumental proportions. A shenanigan-packed ruckus. A straight-up hullabaloo. Seventeen monkeys in a two-bedroom apartment tend to bring the chaos, after all.

Intrigued? I’ve got you.

Check Out the Live Readings!

Here’s a three-part playlist of me reading the last draft of the story! Give it a watch and/or listen.

Then tell me…What did you think?

Is Leo onto something with the monkey rental business?

Is Liz right to be skeptical of his methods?

And, honestly, who’s your favorite monkey? I need to know. For science.

Anyway, here’s the thing…

Monkey Maids Is in Pre-Launch!

I’m turning Monkey Maids into a trade paperback, an ebook, and an audiobook.

I’d love your help in making the campaign a success.

Starting on May 2, I’ll be raising funds for printing and distribution of this weird little story on Kickstarter.

Would you please click the button below to visit Monkey Maids’s pre-launch page, then click the “Notify Me on Launch” button?

About Monkey Maids

The second in the Tales from Existentia collection of novellas from Lynsey G, Monkey Maids is an absurd novella about two roommates and seventeen primates…all attempting to coexist in a two-bedroom apartment in Chicago.

There are shenanigans aplenty, ill-advised attempts at commercializing untrained monkeys, and, beneath all the madness, a tale about the lengths we’ll go to find human (and simian) connection.

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