Ms. Naughty Interview at Luna Luna!

I’m really excited to say that an interview I recently did with the multiple award-winning and -nominated filmmaker Ms. Naughty is now live on Luna Luna Magazine!

ms. naughty interview lynsey g
Photo courtesy of Ms. Naughty

I had so much fun doing this interview, because Ms. Naughty, the creator of Bright Desire, is such a smart, insightful, honest, and grounded person. She doesn’t pull any punches in her work or in the way she talks about it, but she’s not trying to shock anybody, either. She just loves what she does, and she does it for wonderful reasons.

We talked about the female gaze, art and porn and how they go together (or don’t), erotica, criminal activity, and more!

A snippet:

I also have a firm belief that what I’m doing is very important because I’m advancing people’s understanding of sexuality and gender. I’m making a positive contribution to the world. So many people are worried that porn is a corrupting thing. I’m making films that show sex as a joyful, beautiful human activity. That shouldn’t ever be seen as a bad thing.

Go read the rest at Luna Luna Magazine!

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