My First Live Reading Video!

I’m happy to report that the first live reading of my series went swimmingly last Sunday! On September 2, on Facebook and YouTube (the better to archive with), I live-streamed myself reading the introduction to my memoir, Watching Porn: And Other Confessions of an Adult Entertainment Journalist for an audience that was bigger and more into it than I expected! Huge thanks to everyone who came out and took part in chat, asked great questions during the Q&A segment of the stream, and made me feel like a rock star.

The video from YouTube wasn’t quite as high quality, since it was on a device with a not-so-great camera. So I’ll link to the Facebook video, which is a bit better…

And I’ll also embed the YouTube video. Watch at your leisure! (But if you’re at work, don’t watch with the sound turned up. There are no explicit visuals in the video, of course, but there’s lots and lots of repetition of the word “porn,” and bosses usually don’t like that.)

As you can see, I read the introduction to Watching Porn twice: once at the beginning of the stream and once at the end, since a few people came in after the first reading was over.

Join me on Sunday, September 16 for the next live reading! This time I’ll be reading Chapter 1: Before Porn. That chapter will give you some background on me, and who I was before I started writing professionally about adult entertainment. Till then, enjoy the video! Also, peruse a few links to people and articles and places that were mentioned during the reading:

  • Want to know more about Watching P*rn? Read all about it—and order your signed copy—right here!
  • A selection from the book, discussing the history of p*rn, was published by Refinery29!
  • And watch the video of the amazing panel discussion about feminism in porn that happened at my book launch party at the Strand bookstore in New York City! It featured yours truly, as well as Cindy Gallop, Sinnamon Love, Mahx Capacity, and Lisa Vandever!

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