Narcissistic News: Radio Show, Art Show, Movies, and Websites!

1) I was on the radio! Well, I will be on the radio. Velvet Radio, that is, a new radio show and podcast station from Velvet Magazine and Adult Video Magazine! I taped a podcast that will air two weeks from last Monday… which is… Um. August 20 I believe? Anyway, I got to play a hilarious game with co-contestant Stormy Leather (who, by the way, is fantastic) and the lovely Raven Bay, who had hidden something in her vagina before the segment started. And yep, Stormy and I got to guess “What’s In My Vagina” with Raven! In the end, we all won, because even though Stormy guessed what it was in the end, we ALL went home with sex toys! And no, I won’t tell you what was hidden in there! You’ll have to find out by listening, and in the meantime, enjoy this photo of the cast! (I’m in front making my “this is not serious but I’m pretending it is” face.)


2) My work will be featured in an art show called YANS & RETO on September 14 here in NYC at the Anthology Film Archives. I’ll be showing an edited version of one of my videos from “Consent” at apexart! Here’s the info:

“Inspired by the social atmosphere of porno cinemas and in the tradition of cabaret, YANS & RETO is a one-night festival of action art by artists (mainly) over sixty and under thirty. The artists present themselves through short pieces, creating energetic, inter-generational encounters.

“Youth is defined by stupidity and age by wisdom. If one characterizes stupidity by lack of self-control rather than by a lack of knowledge or ability, one finds that one doesn’t grow intelligent but simply grows older. At the same time, being “progressive” is not related to being young but to being responsible. Although nobody would like to be perceived as stupid, being stupid releases one from being thoughtful and correcting mistakes.

“YANS & RETO is curated by Jana Leo. The festival is organized by Mosis Foundation with the support of:
The Spanish consulate in New York: www.
Anthology Film Archives:
Casa Mezcal:
Technical: Simon Lund


3) I am working on the website! Updates to come!


4) I will also soon be reviewing April Flores World, which looks kewl. What am I talking about? It’s way better than kewl. It’s fuckin’ sweet.


5) Cindy Gallop’s MAKELOVENOTPORN.TV IS FUCKING AWESOME. YOU WANT IT. YOU NEED IT. It will be going live in the next few days, so keep your eyes open! More on that later, after the launch!

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