New Installments of my Two Comics!

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Everybody, I’m kind of freaking out! I’ve got new installments of each of the comics I’m writing for Oneshi Press out right the heck now! In case you missed it, I’m publishing a graphic novel and a comicbook series, eight pages at a time, in the Oneshi Press Quarterly Anthologies. (Check them out in that photo up there!) The fourth one just came out this week, so I’m naturally losing my shit over them.

Here’s the deets:

Tracy Queen

tracy queen opqa 04 full page lynsey g
A page from Tracy Queen

Tracy Queen is a martial arts expert, retired mafiosa, biochemist, warlord, and self-made independent porn phenomenon. She’s also a feminist, a sex-positive icon, and the mother of a race of cyborg-clones she created with her best friend—an escaped lab experiment named Nikola who happens to be a raccoon. You know. The usual. Together, Tracy and her cohorts wage war against the forces of sex-negativity and, of course, the patriarchy.

I wrote the graphic novel about Tracy a few years back, and now I’m bringing her to life with the help of artist Jayel Draco! It’s all happening in the pages of the Oneshi Press Anthology. We’re already up to page 32 in the new anthology. It looks amazing. I’m SO PSYCHED! Grab your print copy before we run out, or download the digital version from ComiXology.


As corruption and then gentrification slither into every neighborhood in Brooklyn, a PACK of stray dogs—and one stray man—takes justice into its own paws. Each of the PACK’s members has their own tragic history, and they’re taking back their power by putting crime under the fang. Their justice is swift and brutal, but it gets the job done. One rookie police officer is awed by their vigilantism, but when the PACK’s victims start piling up—some of them missing body parts, while the dogs of the PACK stay well-fed—he has to face the blurriness of the line between heroism and crime…

I’ve been collaborating on this comicbook series with Jayel Draco for a few years now, and boy is it dark. The new installment gives some of the history of the pit bull, Kindness, who was kindapped and forced to become a fighting dog. It’s pretty rough, but that’s kind of the point.

Oneshi Press Anthology

Read both these stories as they’re told in the Oneshi Press anthologies! They’re available in super-limited-edition print from the Oneshi Press Store, or digitally via ComiXology. The new installments are out in the fourth anthology, which also features five other short comics from indie creators. They’re freaking gorgeous.

If you want to keep up with the latest without having to reorder, subscribe to the Oneshi Press Patreon for $5 a month or more! We’ll send you every anthology as it’s released, and other goodies, too.

Or, if you’re into supporting Tracy Queen or PACK individually, keep your eyes open! We’ll be launching campaigns to publish standalone issues of both series later this year.

In the meantime, you can watch the art for both come to life during Jayel Draco’s live-streams on Twitch, peruse merch at the Oneshi Press Store, and keep up with the latest news at the Tracy Queen and PACK websites!

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