OMG This is Gonna Be So Awesome!

F’realz you guys OMG I’m soooo excited right now! I can’t give out details on all of thus juuuust yet, but be warned! The next month is going to be a cornucopia of crazy fun for me, and you–yes YOU–are invited to join me or read about it ALL!

First up: this weekend I’ll finally be meeting the incomparably intelligent and incredibly attractive Katsuni when she performs here in NYC at Sapphire Gentleman’s Club! I interviewed her for WHACK! a while ago and was blown away by her smarts, and now I’ll finally get to see her lovely visage–and va-va-voom!–in person. I can’t wait!!

Then: on October 20 I’ll be flying to San Francisco for a whirlwind weekend that was originally just a visit to a friend’s but has become a decadent, delicious series of sexy events!
1) On Thursday evening I’ll attempt to attend an event at the amazing Madison Young’s Femina Potens, the queer, sex-positive, utterly unique art space! Not sure if I”ll make it, because my flight doesn’t land until pretty late that evening. But either way, Madison and I plan to get together for an interview sometime over the weekend! I’ve written for Madison’s TheWomansPOV and have admired her spirit, creativity, and brazen sensuality for ages! Swoon!
2) On Friday, Oct. 21, I will attend a live shoot at‘s SF Armory for Ultimate Surrender, with an old porno acquaintence. Exclusive pics and writeup to follow on WHACK! Despite all my polemic ranting… I have NEVER actually been on a live porn set before. Thank goodness that cherry is finally being popped!
3) On Saturday, Oct. 22, I will be attending the first ever Masquerotica ball, the new, costume-mandatory erotic Halloween-themed ball with NINE stages of frenzied fun. I’ll be taking two WHACK! readers with me–whoever wins the award for coolest costume idea submitted by THIS SATURDAY AFTERNOON! Get in on that! E-mail me ideas at or leave ’em in the comments section!
4) Somewhere in amongst all this insanity in the Bay Area, I’ll be attending my friend’s hot tub prayer space. Yep. It’s naked. That’s all I know right now, but, um… I’m going.
5) I’ll also be meeting up with the smart and sassy Lexi Love, the intriguing and introverted Vid Tuesday, and anyone else out there in the SF scene that I can get my grubby fingers on!
6) I’ll be TRYING to fit in a reading with Sean Labrador Y Manzano for the Conversations at the Wartime Cafe anthology release reading series. No details for certain yet, but keep an eye out if you want to hear me read non-sex stuff. It’s actually ok. I promise!

And THEN! The fun keeps coming!
1) Exxxotica NJ, one of the adult industry’s biggest trade conventions, will hit Edison, NJ on November 4 and stay until the 6th! I’ll be manning the WHACK! Magazine booth with my sleazy compatriots, and we would love to see you there! We’ll be hosting several stars’ signing tables, set up some ridiculously raunchy carnival-style games, and generally be causing mayhem all over the convention floor! Stop by!
2) That weekend we’re planning a massive media event and party in the city at a top of the line NYC club, but we can’t release details yet. Because it’s going to be THAT amazing! Stay tuned!

As you can see, I’m a bit too excited right now to do anything except drool on myself. So why don’t you go read about:
-Danny Wylde’s latest contribution to Smitten Kitten, Porno Romance?
-International Fisting Day (which isn’t exactly my area of expertise, but it’s on October 21, right in the middle of my San Francisco trip… anything could happen!)?
Occupy Wall Street condoms? Cause… hilarious!
-How right I was about Occupy Wall Street and the need for sex activism?
Jiz Lee becoming art again at Pornsaints? I heart them!

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