Raylene Interview for Throwback Thursday

Hello, darlings! I have returned from the wilderness–by which I mean New York City. I’m actually much closer to said “wilderness” now that I’m back in Montana. It’s lovely! Everything is very green and lush, and it’s warm and the birds and crickets are chirping. Today I attended a Bernie Sanders rally in Missoula, and got all fired up about social justice. I also got extremely sunburned because I am a doofus and forgot to bring sunscreen. Tomorrow I will finish unpacking, and then I will go camping for the weekend! Next week I’ll be back to “real life,” whatever that means. I’m hoping it will mean more time to blog!

Until that happens, let’s talk about today. It’s #throwbackthursday and I’m bringing you a special treat! Here is the video from a fun, relaxed, and adorable “interview” I did with now-retired adult superstar Raylene way back in 2010. Raylene has always been a great friend to my friends and I, so when she and her husband came to New York about six years ago, we met up and showed them around, then sat down in Central Park to chat about life. Raylene is a lovely person with a radiant smile, and I thought you might enjoy seeing it!

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