I Have a Patreon (and I use it to publish stuff)

patreon tracy queen lynsey g
A few panels from Tracy Queen (illustrated by Jayel Draco)

I realized today that I don’t talk about my Patreon enough. It’s not one of those Patreons where I send you pictures of my boobs if you send me money…But that doesn’t mean that there are no boobs involved!

Allow me to explain.

tracy queen opqa 01 patreon lynsey g
A page from Installment #01 of Tracy Queen (illustrated by Jayel Draco)

The Patreon

About a year and a half ago, I decided to start an indie publishing company with my partner in life and business, Jayel Draco. We had a bunch of freaking brilliant ideas about graphic-oriented stories to tell: comics, graphic novels, art books, and more. And, between the two of us, we have oodles of experience in publishing, editing, illustration, design, writing, web development….Almost everything else you need to be a publisher.

Except one thing: Money. So we started a Patreon to help us fund our printing, as well as the day-to-day operations of a small business. And off we went!

Our company, Oneshi Press, has now published one art book and three indie comics anthologies, with the fourth due out in April. Those anthologies contain serial installments of our two comics projects, Tracy Queen and PACK, which we hope to print standalone issues of this year. We’ve also printed short comics by dozens of talented creators (who retain rights to their material, btw), spotlighted fabulous artists whose work we love, and printed guest art of our characters.

tracy queen OPQA 03 patreon lynsey g
A page from Installment #03 of Tracy Queen (illustrated by Jayel Draco)

The Graphic Novel

My personal favorite character is Tracy Queen. She’s my brain child, and I’ve never fallen so deeply in love with a creation of my own mind before. (Actually, she’s based on a real person, who I may have also fallen deeply in love with, possibly…) She’s a fully developed weirdo with an oddly sheltered background as a member of an organized crime syndicate who decides she wants out and starts webcamming to break free…and loves it. Soon, she’s one of the web’s most famous indie porn stars, and she has to go up against the forces of traditional porn to keep her independence. But to do that, she needs an army. With the help of her best friend, who’s an accomplished electrical engineer and, incidentally, a talking raccoon, she creates an army of cyborg-clones and meets the forces of traditional porn on the battlefield. Who will win the battle for porn, sexual empowerment, and Tracy’s own humanity?

Only your support, via sales of our anthologies or support of our Patreon, will tell!

Also, there are plenty of boobs in her story.

Okay, that was a cheap ploy, but seriously. Every teensy bit of support you can offer helps immensely! Printing indie comics is thirsty work, and we’re just barely eking by. Our books are available at our store, and our Patreon is pretty badass, if I do say so myself. And hey! Boobs! Who doesn’t like boobs?



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