Photoshoot Fun!

Just wrapped up a lil photoshoot sesh of me with my Feminist Porn Award. Because I’m kind of a show-off. (And because the Good For Her people asked for photos of everybody with their awards and I didn’t want to just do a snapshot. Because I’m a show-off.) Pretty psyched about how they’re coming out, y’all! I’ll post ’em when the edits are done! Because even show-offs don’t want their under-eye bags to show.

Also, a heads-up: I’m working on a pretty intense copyediting gig, and preparing for a long vacation to the American West, so I’ll be lying low on the blog for the next few weeks. However, I’m corresponding with a lot of people about issues for adult companies in the world of payments, “high risk” categories, and more, so keep  your eyes open for more on all that.

Peas and carrots!

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