Pondering Vibrations

So, readers, I have a weird issue I want to discuss with you. And by “discuss” I really mean discuss. Not just ramble on and on in my blog like I so often do–I want your responses and input, because I’ve noticed something about  myself that, in light of what I’ve heard from other women, seems very peculiar:

Vibrators don’t really do it for me. I mean, I like them. And yeah, they feel pretty great, really. (Note: sex toy manufacturers, please feel free to continue to send me vibrators!) But I can count on one, or maybe two, hands the number of times a vibrator alone has brought me the whole way to climax, and I’m pretty sure that for every one of these occasions there was some pretty heavy visual stimulation being used to move things along.

But, according to pretty much everything I’ve ever read and heard about vibrators and women, the buzzing buddy of womanly genitals everywhere are supposed to be my best friend. There’s a reason they were used to treat hysteria: doctor’s hands got cramped up from manually masturbating their patients, and vibrators were able to get the demons out in a fraction of the time, with much less work. Some women can climax within a minute or two of applying a vibrator to their clits. Some women develop deep, intimate relationships with their vibrators.

But I don’t. It’s not that vibrators don’t help me get to orgasm. And it’s not that I’m under the misconception that vibrators alone are doing it for other women–I know that penetration, visual stimulation, fantasy, and many other things help vibrators bring women to orgasm. But I know that, for my part, when I’m trying to get off using a vibrator, nine times out of ten, at least, I will get very turned on but find the orgasm eluding me. I usually put down the toy and continue with my hand, which I find a much trustier toy. Every time I sit down with a new toy for the first time, I always hope that this will be the one that teaches me the magic of vibration. But I usually end up feeling tepid and going back to the good old reliable five-finger salute to my naughty bits.Which is fine. I don’t mind. It’s just that, given the praise I’ve heard heaped upon vibrators and the growing prevalence of the devices in stores and even on TV (now that Trojan and Lifestyles have gotten into the game), I wonder if maybe I’m missing out on something magical.

I wonder if I’m alone in this. I’ve talked to porn stars that say their Magic Wand gets them off faster and better than anything else, and I’ve wished I was the same way. I’ve wondered if everyone else out there is having magical ten-second masturbation sessions between shifts at work with their Pocket Rockets. I wonder if I’m built differently from other women… I’m just wondering… What do you all have to say about it? What’s your experience with vibrators been like? Am I alone in a sadly nonvibrational world?

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  1. Joh says:

    >I thoroughly enjoy using my vibrator. In the beginning, it was a bit awkward, and didn't get me off, bu that had a lot more to do with me not knowing what I liked/needed from it, than with the object itself.
    Once I learned a little more about myself and what I need, I started enjoying it a lot more. And let it be mentioned that while it will NEVER take the place of a partner for me, having my partner use it WITH me is…pretty damn amazing.
    Also, it doesn't really get me off much faster than other ways…. again, being with the partner is the fastest, because there's just so much more involved.

  2. everhony says:

    >Dear Lag, I can relate to your ambivalence, for me the vibe must have a clit function otherwise I'm not interested, something about the cold, plasticy feel and smell of a dildo can be less than stimulating. If I'm using it for a quickie, i only need the clit bit anyway and can come in a heartbeat most times. If I'm savouring the moment tho' I wait till i have that 'fill me up' feeling before i insert the dildo part and generally by that time I'm so close to climax I'm not thinking about the vibrator..nothing beats using a toy with a willing and sexy playmate though…persevere!

  3. Cindy Gallop says:

    >Darling, as with men (or women), so with vibrators: it's all about finding the right one. Clearly, you haven't 🙂 The right one can get you there in seconds (I'm not kidding). But I absolutely have vibrators that really don't cut it..and then I have the sure-fire guaranteed 'we have liftoff in no time at all' favorites. We'll have an instructional one-on-one about this sometime..:)

  4. Lag says:

    >Very helpful, ladies! Thank you! I guess I'll just have to keep on trying new toys till I find my Prince! Shucks…


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