Possibly My Most Successful Article Ever, on xoJane

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My most successful article ever, on xoJane.

…is one I wrote about one of the weirdest/scariest experiences of my life: the three years of college during which a sort-of friendship with a girl in my class slowly morphed from acquaintance to annoyance to creepiness to outright stalking. For most of the day yesterday, this article was the headline on xoJane, and as of today, a little over 24 hours since it was posted, there are 231 comments.

I gotta say, dudes: I’m thrilled and disappointed all at once. Firstly because I like to think I write generally thoughtful, conscientious, interesting shit like all the damn time, and nobody ever pays attention to that. But when I write a kinda-incendiary article about getting stalked–sort of trotting out a traumatic experience for the edification of the masses–it gets tons of attention. That is kind of sucky. I’m also a little sad about the fact that length requirements for xoJane required me to cut out so much of the story that it definitely loses something in translation.

But, hey. As a writer, people reading something I wrote, even if it’s not the thing I’m most proud of… it sure feels great. And getting some of the residual feelings from the experience itself out in a public forum was cathartic. Thank you to everyone! Oh, and go read my article!

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