Post-Vegas 2011: Conflicted Exxistence, Preparing for Lift-Off

Well, folks, I’m back from Vegas, confused, tired, dirty, with a raging headache that started up 30,000 feet off the ground somewhere between Vegas and Detroit and has yet to subside… But holy hell am I excited about the future of this blog! Suffice it to say that, although AEE/AVN is always a completely bonkers experience full of people running around like lunatic headless fowl, I managed to make some connections with some fantastically amazing people, and I hope to get interviews and discussions going with as many of them as possible to convert this little blog from a corner of the web to a thriving community of artists and sex maniacs slowly spreading over the world of sex work, thought, discussion, and imagery. Hopefully within the next few weeks we’ll be reconnecting/hearing from the likes of Jiz Lee, Courtney Trouble, Kelly Shibari, Justine Joli, April Flores, Sabrina Deep, Tina Horn, and even more! I’ll be all over them for talks and in the meantime, I’ll be putting together some thought- and moistness-provoking reviews, thoughts, rants, musings, and more! Because I love you guys.

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