RAYLENE – “I’m directing and performing for my own company called Raylene Live!”

The adult industry was heartbroken in 2001 when Raylene, the beautiful and busty hardcore star who’d rocked many a cock in her late-nineties hay-day, announced her retirement. She spent the next eight years selling houses in Porn Valley and birthing a now three-year-old son. But in early 2009, the news wires lit up like a Christmas tree when she announced her imminent return to hardcore porn. She’s been making movies for about half a year now, and is ready to prove all over again what she can do with a hard cock and a camera. We caught up with the sexy but very down-to-earth star to chat about her renewed career, the adult industry, and her family life.

WHACK! First of all, thanks so much! We’re coming up on our seventh issue and it’s only because amazing stars like yourself have been so willing to talk to us and help us out.

Raylene Sure!

W! So what were your original motivations for getting out of the business in the first place?

R Well, I set a goal for myself that I wouldn’t continue past the age of 27 without training in some other career outside of the business. When I turned 24 I met my now ex-husband and I wanted him to take me seriously, so I left the business and we both ended up getting into real estate together. We ended up getting a divorce and now I’m remarried with a new baby — well, he’s three now, but he’s still my baby! So I took some time off from real estate and when I came back, it had crashed. So we put our heads together and we thought that the adult industry would be a good option.

W! How does realty compare to porn? Did you enjoy it?

R …It was difficult, I mean I still had the freedom I’d had in the adult industry. In real estate you’re still an independent contractor and work your own hours, so that wasn’t hard. It was actually having to get up off my ass, knock on people’s doors, and make phone calls I didn’t want to make. I had to reinvent myself as Stacey again, and I had gotten so used to being Raylene.

W! Well, how has it been so far? Are you enjoying being back in porn?
R I’m having a great time. It was a slow roll coming back into the business because I’ve had to mold myself from being a regular human being. I had to really remold myself back into what is the business. But I’m having a good time. I got back on the horse, like riding a bike. I’ve had some really fun moments, and like other jobs it’s had some really crappy moments, but it’s been fun.

W! Was the decision to come back a difficult one to make, or were you ready for it?

R Well you know my husband and I had talked about it a year prior to me actually getting in, so we’d talked about it for a really long time. Nothing can get you really ready to jump back in, so I was definitely on the fence. The week I did my first comeback movie for Vivid I wasn’t really sure, but the only way to find out for sure was to do it. It ended up being a great movie and it was a lot of fun.

W! How has it been affecting your family life so far? Will you tell your baby?

R Thank god he’s only three. I have some time. I just started my own company, so the goal is for it to take off and be my primary business, and it is an adult one so I’ll have to be open about my career with him. I’d never, ever lie to him, but I don’t think I want to tell him about until it’s absolutely necessary…He doesn’t need to know at an early age, I think. But again, I would never want to lie to him and we have a very, very loving, open household.

W! How have you found the business to have changed, if at all?

R For me it seems like the days are shorter! That’s the only difference that I’ve seen. And the faces have changed. I don’t see that big of a change, really, but that’s because I’m in front of the camera. I know there are huge changes with how movies are being distributed and stolen and stuff like that, but I’m not really established on that end of things yet. I’ve just finished editing my first movie on that side, so the only real change I’ve seen so far that I don’t know how I feel about it is the loss of condoms in the business.

W! Supposedly they’re testing really well.

R Yeah, the tests are a little bit more intricate than when I was in, but not much. So I’m not too worried but it’s still a little a scary.

W! Your fans seem to have gone nuts when they heard you were coming back, but I wonder what the response will be from new viewers.

R Well, actually, I haven’t run into anybody who has seen me for the first time. It’s all repeats. Old faithfuls. But from them I’ve had a pretty great response. Everyone’s really happy that I’m back. When you’re gone for so long you forget that there are people who know who you are. I didn’t comprehend that there were people who went out and bought everything, and now I see there are people who are going out and buying all the new stuff that’s come out so far!

W! Have you worked with any of your old favorites yet?

R No, I haven’t! It’s been a bummer! I recently worked with Julie Ann for the first time! I never got to work with her before, but I just did so it was kind of like working with one of the good old people.

W! New talent you like or don’t?

R Quite a few girls I really like. Some of the guys — I can never remember names — I like James Deen. I think everyone likes James Deen.

W! Yeah, I’ve been wondering about that! Never spoken to him myself, but I’ve always thought that in his scenes it looks like he’s doing something really right. Girls go nuts with him. What is it that he does that works so well?

R James? Well, he’s just very confident young guy. You know? He can do his job well. He can perform and that’s what’s really important to the girls, that they don’t have to worry during their scene that he won’t be able to perform. [James] is just very likeable. But yeah, as for new girls I like, I’d say Samantha Ryan and AnneMarie Rios so far.

W! What are your goals for your revamped career? To stay? To leave after a little while?

R I’m directing and performing for my own company called Raylene Live. The first film doesn’t have a title yet, not sure if we’re gonna call it Raylene Live as the first title from the company. I directed it. We had a great cast. I think the sex is gonna come out really amazing, because it was really amazing on set! It’s very reality based, kind of a following me around in my daily life kind of thing. It’s gonna be really fun. We’re editing right now, and we have original music. I’m doing vocals for it, and a lot of the female stars are doing vocals, too.

W! Oh, wow, what a great idea! That sounds really interesting. Has that been done before?

R I don’t know, actually. I know Dyanna Lauren has done her share of singing years back, but I don’t know if it’s been done like this or not. We’re working with a real producer and everything sounds great. I used to sing a lot, but I stopped when I was pregnant and so I was really excited to do that for the film.

W! Well that will be a whole new experience to be in control of, besides just editing your own work. I read in an interview from a while ago that you have trouble watching yourself on film because you tend to be overly critical.

R Thank you! I have body image issues, and I always have, even when I weighed 115 lbs. And I look a little worse now that I’ve had a baby, so watching myself on film is really tough.

W! Especially if you’re editing, I bet.

R Yes, and some of it was great! You don’t agree with all the fans all the time.

W! Have you noticed changes in the non-porn public and the way they respond to porn?

R Umm…You know, it’s kind of a hard question to answer. I don’t go out a lot and talk to a lot of people these days. I have my little circle of friends that I hang out with all the time and we don’t really talk about it much.

W! What’s next? Can we expect to see you out and about?

R I would hope to do some signings. I don’t really have an answer for that right now. I’m not under contract with anybody, so it’s a learning experience for me. I don’t really know what I’m doing. I don’t know when the next job will be, or when the next signing will be.

W! We’re hoping to make it out to the AVN Awards, so hopefully we’ll see you there.

R I’m hoping to go. I asked if I could present, hopefully I could present an award. That would be fun.

W! Well, Raylene, thank you so much for your time! We’re looking forward to hearing more about the upcoming film, and have all your new titles on our short list of movies to see!

R Thank you! You’re welcome to give out my twitter address (RayleneXXX) and I do get on my Facebook!

— Interview conducted by staph degenerate, Miss Lagsalot

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