Reorganized website! Now with tags!

You guys.

Oh my god.

Sometime at the end of last week, I was poking around on my website trying to find some old interviews I did for WHACK! Magazine. I ported most of my work for WHACK! over to my website in the early days of this blog, and then when WHACK! lost all its archives, I was super excited to have saved it all. But last week, I couldn’t find any of my interviews. I nearly lost my mind. Here I’m working on a book that will rely heavily on information mined from interviews I did for WHACK! in years past, and I seemed to have lost all of them to the abyss on the other side of the internet!

So I did some more poking and realized suddenly that–holy crap!–all of my WHACK! materials still exist, but they had all been grossly mislabeled somehow in the process of moving them to this website!

This sent me down a gleeful, horrible, neverending rabbit hole of website reorganization that I have spent roughly the past five days working on like a maniac.

The good news is that my website is now fully, perfectly categorized and almost-completely tagged. Every blog post and article here is now grouped properly, should be under the correct heading on the drop-down menu (which should be revamped soon), and eminently more SEO-friendly! Hooray! I’ll be doing #tbt posts every Thursday for a while to some of the better interviews of days past. Huzzah!

The bad news is that I am now perpetually crosseyed from all this screen-staring I’ve been doing. And that, also, y’all, I write way too much. Seriously. Thousands. Of. Posts. So many interviews. So many reviews. So many rants. An embarrassment of content. At this point, if I’d spent even a fraction of the time I’ve poured into blogging into pretty much anything else, I would be considered a master at that thing. Instead I’m a sort-of accomplished blogger whose blog has never landed on any top-any-number list of sex bloggers and whose publication record speaks volumes of nothing about the work she’s put in. Sigh. What have I been doing? Where’s my Pulitzer?

Anyway, I’ll be working on this book, which is one thing that all this blogging has gotten me. Sort of an ouroboros situation, really.


Back to work!

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