Saturday Busy-ness Leads to Links

It’s a beautiful, crisp, January Saturday, and I’m running around like a chicken with a severed head somewhere in the city that it’s absolutely got to find. So I’m leaving you with these fun tidbits:

1) I am a total junkie. I have no idea where they get their information from most the time, and I’m pretty sure that a lot of their evidence is shaky at best in the “reliable” department, but they sure do point out some interesting perspectives on things, and this time it’s no different: 5 Ways Porn Created the Modern World. From how it spurred the success of printing press to how it basically invented the internet as we know it to how it will clean that same internet up, porn is the reason we live in the world we do. I totally agree.

2) I have a lot I could say about what’s going on with MTV, Taco Bell, and “Skins” right now, but since I haven’t actually watched the show or really kept up with the news on this topic, I’ll just send you over to Salon to read about “Why MTV Should Stick Up for ‘Skins'”. Personally, I think this is a great launching pad for a greater freedom of discussion between adults and their kids about the realities of sex, but hey, that’s just me. Dunno what y’all think.

3) Possibly one of the best concrete examples ever of Why To Formally Divorce and Otherwise Get the Fuck Away from Lunatic Abusive Men: Holly Lahti, winner of Idaho’s $190 million lottery jackpot, whose only public persona up to this date has been her horrendously beat-up mug shot from 2003 (?) when she and her husband were both charged with assault and battery. Over the past decade, her husband, who she is separated but not divorced from, has been brought up on charges of everything from kidnapping to assault to domestic violence to being a total douchebag in every way, but Lahti hasn’t managed (one can hope she at least tried) to divorce the man. And now that she’s claimed her post-tax lump sum of over $80 million, Idaho law states that this abusive sonofabitch has a right to claim HALF of it. Let this be a lesson to all women who don’t get the hell away from abusive husbands: if you ever win a fortune, your dude might be entitled to it, and if he’s hitting you, he doesn’t deserve it.

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