Sex Toy Round-Up at Luna Luna!

sex toy indian jade wand from chakrubs lynsey g
Indian Jade Wand, from Chakrubs

Another thing I did at all those conventions I spent a few weeks running around at was talk to a lot of people about a lot of adult novelties. By which, of course, I mean sex toys. And then I wrote about them!

The sex toy market has exploded in recent years, on both the supply and the demand sides, as revolutions in technology have abounded, enabling all sorts of innovations in the field, from production (3D printing has revolutionized mold-making, and micro-production has allowed small companies to offer their wares at less-outrageous prices and a much quicker pace) to concept (wireless tech has given rise to hands-free couples devices, and smart tech has made some gadgets programmable and sync-able with phones) to customer use (the new goal of female-body sex toys is the “third level” orgasm, which science didn’t even know existed until recently). And with fancypants brick-and-mortar stores like The Pleasure Chest, Babeland, and Good Vibes to purchase at, along with hundreds of discreet online purchasing options, consumers can have it almost any way they want!

I was super excited to dive into all of this innovation, and one thing I was really psyched to learn about were some new (and some older) companies that are making novelties that can appeal to a wide variety of personalities and body types. A lot of toys are now being made with diversely-bodied singles and couples in mind, and that gives me the warm fuzzies!

So I wrote up a list of nine sex toy companies that are couples- and solo-friendly, and what kind of people their wares might appeal to, and it got published (along with a title I’m not oh-so-happy about, but what can you do) over a Luna Luna!

DISCLAIMER: DRAGON DONGS! (I’m really excited about dragon dongs.)

sex toys Pretzal the Sand Wyrm from Bad Dragon Lynsey G
Pretzal the Sand Wyrm, from Bad Dragon. Yes. It’s a dragon dong.

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