Sick Sicky Sick McSick-Pants

I am quite ill, y’all. Rheumatoid arthritis has laid me low for the first time in a few years, mostly because the drug companies that make one of my medications (which, incidentally, is also a medication used to support chemotherapy–gotta love pharmaceutical companies and their compassion for mankind!) have decided to just not make it for a while. Because, ya know, it wasn’t making them enough profit, and it’s not like people’s lives are made immeasurably worse when they can’t get their meds or anything. UGH.

So the long and short of it is that I might not be blogging much for the next few weeks. This isn’t a “drink lots of tea and feel better” kind of thing, it’s more like a “try some new drug treatments that kick in 3-6 months after you’ve started them, and meanwhile sleep a lot and don’t do much” kind of thing. So I hope to keep up with the site, but if I’m scarce for a while… you know why.


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