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Hello, world! It is apparently the day of a large sportsball event of some kind here in America, and that is a big deal, I suppose. So if you are one of those humans for whom sporting matches are of high importance, I wish you a wonderful day and I hope that your team scores many goal-points! Huzzah! If you’re not into sportsball matches, however, I’ve got some links and news for you to check out!

  • First of all, on this illustrious match day, here’s incentive to stay home: The illustrious and excessively hot CrashPadSeries website is offering 15% off today with the code COMETOGETHER, and they’ll also be donating 50% of profits for the day to the ACLU to help in the battle against our (barf) president’s disgusting immigration ban. So stay in, grab your favorite sex toy, and watch some ethically made, deliciously diverse, feminist, inclusive, body-positive, often-kinky, always sexy, stunningly filmed hot queer porn for a good cause!


  • Annnnnnnd (drum roll, please), I’m so freaking excited to announce that my partner and I have received a printed proof of the first book from Oneshi Press! We’ll be spending the upcoming week checking it for any inconsistencies or errors, and then we’ll be ordering the first print run! It’s a fantasy art book written and illustrated by Jayel Draco (and edited like crazy by me), called The Great Nations of Rendaraia. It takes place in the larger universe of Children of Gaia, from which many more books will come. We’re so freaking excited! Here’s a picture of Jayel looking through it the day it arrived.
sportsbowl - jayel draco - great nations of rendaraia - lynsey g
Jayel Draco looking at his first book!
  • In other news, check this out! Over the past few months, I’ve been helping to co-create and edit a series of erotic comics with writers Fabián Rodriguez and Stella Marie. The very first page of the very first story, “Magpie Jay,” is now available online! You can see it, with stunning art from Claudia Baker and perfect lettering by Aditya Bidikar, at (18+ only, natch). A new page will be released every Thursday, and—spoiler—things get pretty hot a few weeks in. To keep sexy comics like this coming, you can join the Flutter community by supporting it at Patreon!


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