So, um, not to brag or anything, bozos, but Miss Lagsalot just interviewed Stormy Daniels!!!! The biggest porn star in the history of ever! We are freaking out! How cool is that!? …That is all.

stormy daniels interviewed by lynsey gWHACK! MAGAZINE Hi, Stormy! Thank you so much for taking some time to talk to WHACK! You’re one of the best-known performers in the industry, but just in case someone out there is living in a cave, can you tell the readers who you are?

STORMY DANIELS I am Stormy Daniels… Wicked Pictures Contract Star, Writer, and Director.  I am also a Penthouse Pet, feature dancer, and all around good time. laughing

W! You have been in the mainstream news and movies a lot in the past few years, meanwhile performing, writing, and directing in the adult industry. So busy! Do you ever fear you’ll get burned out from all this activity?

SD Not really… It can be exhausting at times, but every day is so different that I’m always excited to see what is next. I’d get burned out if I had a desk job.

W! Given that you are contracted to one of the porn biz’s heaviest hitters—Wicked—you’re in a secure position as a performer and director. If you were to leave Wicked, would you be willing to work for another company? What would you do?

SD I’m a firm believer in trading up. And since I already work for the best company, that isn’t possible. The only way I’ll leave Wicked is if they toss me out or I win the lotto and start my own company.

W! I’m sure you’re sick of talking about it, but with all the political unrest going on right now, I have to ask about your brief run for Senate! In 2009-2010 you were drafted into the race for Louisiana senator against the incumbent, who was involved in a sex scandal. What could someone like you—with nothing to hide—bring to the national political scene??

SD Besides some excitement? I wouldn’t have an ulterior motive or be afraid of someone finding out about any “skeletons in my closet.”  Because of that, I truly would listen to the people and do my best to represent their needs. Most politicians only care about their personal agenda.

W! You were going to run as a Republican — how do you feel about all the partisanship and Tea Partying going on in Congress now? Would you go way conservative or try to be a moderate?

SD I agree with the principles of the Tea Party. I’m a BIG believer in personal responsibility and personal rights. It’s kind of hard to be conservative and be a porn star. I am pretty much right down the middle. I go both ways (pun intended).

W! Why did you decide not to run in the end?

SD I make more money (and have more fun) doing what I do now… and I didn’t want to establish residency in Louisiana.stormy daniels interviewed by lynsey g

W! What are some similarities between adult stars and politicians?

SD They both get paid to screw people.

W! But you never set out to be an adult star or a politician! You’ve said that you wanted to be a veterinarian when you were growing up. What changed?

SD I love animals but would’ve been miserable as a vet. I really needed a career that allowed me to be creative. I LOVE directing and am so grateful that this is the path fate took me down.

W! You certainly knocked it out of the park when you decided to go into porn. You’ve now won five AVN awards and have been a top name for years! But when you started out, you only did girl/girl scenes. Do you really like the ladies, or was that just a way to get your toes wet?

SD I love the ladies and still really enjoy g/g scenes. My Predator movies are some of my favorites.

W! What if something happened and you had to go back to all girl/girl scenes—with just one woman, for the rest of your career? Who would you work with?

SD So hard to pick just one!!! I’d say Kirsten Price, though. She has the most amazing vagina. I’m in love with it.

W! You started doing boy/girl scenes in 2004. So you’ve had your pick of most of the people on the sex circuit today! If you had to pick just one man to perform with for the rest of you career—who would you pick?

SD I actually started in 2002 with my Wicked movie Heat. And if I had to pick just one guy, it would definitely be Brendon Miller. He is a fantastic actor, never has performance problems and is an all around good dude…. and he’d be pretty upset if I picked another guy over him! laughing

W! You’ve also done lots of mainstream work on movies. So what if you could pick a mainstream star to do an adult movie with? Male or female? Who would it be?

SD Scarlett Johansson… I saw her in person at the Grammys one year and I could not stop staring at her. The woman just exudes sex.

W! And what would you like to do with that person on camera?

SD I would make her the star of Predator 4. I’d capture her and have my way with her.

W! How about a fictional character? From a book or movie or whatever. Or is that a creepy question?

SD No creepier than most of the questions I get asked. Jessica Rabbit… Can you say “MOTORBOAT”!

W! Ok, so if you had to pick one scene out of your whole career that you’d be remembered by — as a performer — which would you pick and why?

stormy daniels interviewed by lynsey gSD Movie: Operation Tropical Stormy because it is the biggest, hardest, and best movie I’ve done. I’m super proud of all the work I put into it and the stunts I did.

Scene: with Manuel Ferrara in Forbidden… Just watch it and you’ll see why.

W! As a director, I bet it’s difficult to answer that question because you’re involved in so many aspects of the scene. But… if you had to pick just one?

SD Exact same answer as the above!

W! I heard you say in an interview that you love directing because you love being in charge. Do you prefer being in charge in bed, too?

SD I’m 50/50… being in charge is fun but sometimes I really enjoy being dominated.

W! Are you a control freak in other ways?

SD Yes… I’m a big list maker. I HAVE to know what the plan is… Surprises make me very nervous. I hold the check book, the car keys, the tickets…

W! Since we’re on a “list of favorites” roll, let’s keep going: what’s your favorite food?

SD Crawfish étouffée

W! Favorite drink?

SD Coffee

W! You like hard rock and metal. Me too, but I’ve been pretty disappointed with hard music in recent years. Favorite new band?

SD The Sleeping

W! Ok, ok, enough with the favorite questions! Wikipedia says you were in 4-H growing up in Louisiana. I know a lot about 4-H, being from the country myself. Did you raise animals?

SD It was all horse stuff that I did for 4-H. I didn’t raise any animals.

W! Are you really a country girl at heart? Or are you all-LA at this point?W

stormy daniels interviewed by lynsey g
Stormy Daniels in her 2015 film Wanted

SD Country girl, for sure. I don’t care for LA. I’d much rather be on the back of my horse enjoying the outdoors.

W! Ok, last question! Where can fans find you in the next few months? Any big movies/scenes/projects/signings/appearances?

SD I will be signing at the EXXXotica show in New Jersey AND dancing at Platinum Plus in PA (Nov 3-5). I’m also dancing in NY at Café Royale (Nov 11 and 12). I’m really proud of some of the movies I’ve shot lately especially Blow which is an action movie I did in Florida and Heart Strings, a movie for Wicked’s new Passions line.  I have a new t-shirt line that came out this week and is already selling quite well… and keep your eyes open for an awesome new product I’m developing and hope to showcase at the Adult Novelty Expo in January.

W! Thanks so much, Stormy!

—Interview conducted by the indomitable Miss Lagsalot.

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