The Stormy Daniels Bandwagon is One I’m Fine with Jumping On

storm daniels lynsey g interview still
Way back in 2011, when Stormy and I were pals. (Okay not really. But she did let me stick a microphone in her face once.)

Look. Stormy Daniels is a legend. When I first started working in the adult entertainment industry, she was at the tip-top of the industry, directing and performing in big-budget feature films for Wicked Pictures. She’s always been a powerhouse: she knows what she wants, and she damn well gets it.

Stormy hasn’t been as much a part of the porn industry for the past few years, spending most of her time on her ranch with her family. But as she’s stalked, outwitted, and outplayed Trump at his own game over the past few months, her star has risen, both in mainstream entertainment and porn.


And in politics, where she’s been active for years. Fun fact: Did you know that Stormy Daniels ran for Senate back in 2009? She didn’t win the seat, but she made a pretty good shot at it. And even funner fact? She ran as a republican.

Check this out: Stormy Daniels is a conservative. In an interview I did with her back in 2011 for WHACK! Magazine, she told me: ” I agree with the principles of the Tea Party. I’m a BIG believer in personal responsibility and personal rights. It’s kind of hard to be conservative and be a porn star.”

But she pulled it off, and now she’s utilizing her political know-how, her understanding of conservative principles, her celebrated sex appeal, and her wits to punish Donald Trump’s reputation, tarnish his already-nasty past, and take aim at his legitimacy as president. And I am digging it. Normally the idea of conservative politicians gives me a creepy tingle up my spine and a knot in my stomach, but you know what? This time, I’ve decided that I am 110% here to watch Donald Trump get taken down a peg (or hopefully several–hell, I hope he gets kicked out of office for this mess) by a woman who is also a sex worker who is ALSO a republican. The poetry of the situation is perfect beyond reckoning. And I’ve got plenty of popcorn ready to watch it go down.


I’m also here to capitalize on Stormy’s resurgence by linking to the interviews I did with her. So here’s the first, and below, you can watch the second, recorded live on camera at Exxxotica NJ in 2011!


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