Stuck in Brooklyn

You’ve doubtless heard the news about the devastation of Hurricane Sandy in the NYC area. I got incredibly lucky; I live miles inland and on high ground, so there was no flooding. The power and even the internet stayed on. I’ve had problems with making phone calls and sending texts, and I still can’t really get into Manhattan (the subways aren’t crossing the river, and the lines for the shuttle buses are crazy-long). Hell, I got a week off work because my office building had no electricity or phones.

But meanwhile, most of lower Manhattan, huge swaths of Brooklyn and Long Island, and all of Staten Island were devastated. Rescue workers are still finding bodies. Most of Manhattan now has power, but hospitals were running on generators and some had to be evacuated. Elderly residents of high-rise buildings had no water or heat. Things in many places are still really bad. If you’re in the area and would like to volunteer to help, please visit for information, volunteering opportunities, and donation suggestions. Any little bit helps, everyone.

I’ve done some donating, and tonight I’ll be venturing into Manhattan for the first time to see what’s up. In the meantime, I’ve been spending some time getting familiar with apps on my Droid, editing my graphic novel, and watching ALL of Walking Dead. Now I’m doing this:


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