Ta-ta for Now! I’m Globetrotting!

Ok, dearest readers, your favorite blogger is going on vacation! I’ll be gone for about a week and a half, traveling with family and then starting a new job. Don’t fret: when I return I bet I’ll have a bunch of interesting things to share with you. When I don’t have much to do, as on vacation, I tend to think about sex and porn a lot, so I’ll be sure to have something new to discuss. In the meantime, keep reading WHACK! and for fun Miami Exxxotica coverage, TheWomansPOV for some sexy interviews and queer porn reviews, and the annals of my illustrious blog for pure entertainment. Oh, and don’t forget about me!

So ta-ta! And here are some ta-tas (from BoobsOnlyLesbians.com!

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