TEAGAN PRESLEY – “I prefer watching all-sex movies…I want to get right to the action!”

WHACK! – First of all, Teagan, thank you so much for taking the time out of your mondo busy schedule to answer a few questions for WHACK! I hear you’re having minor surgery this week so it’s fantastic that you’re willing to help us out for our start-up magazine at this time. We hope you heal quickly!

Teagan Presley Thank you. It was very painful. I had a pec tear in my left breast, and it keeps forming scar tissue around my implant. I tore it shooting Penthouse. They removed my implant, fixed the tear, wrapped my implant in cadaver skin to prevent encapsulation, and injected fat from my butt into my breast to make it even better. It hurts!

W! You’ve had a big year so far, starting up SkinworXXX, winning some awards, being the January Pet in Penthouse, an AVN, a XRCO, a F.A.M.E., and so on. Where do you see yourself ending up this year? What are some upcoming projects we can look forward to?

TP We are hoping to end up with a bunch of AVN nominations for Deviance, which [hits] streets September 15th, and for our first movie, Sun Goddess: Malibu. I am only in one scene in Deviance, but I’d love to get a nom for that scene, and any award nominations we get are great since I am a partner in the studio with director Joshua (Mr. Teagan) and Eva Angelina. Next on our plate will be another Sun Goddess and another Deviance. We are gonna throw in a new project or two we haven’t announced yet though…stay tuned!

W! How’s the AdultBluReview going? It’s a really original idea and as a review writer myself, I have to admit I think it’s brilliant. Can you explain the premise of the site for our readers, and tell us how you came up with the idea?

TP We’ve had a little break on AdultBluReview while we finished Deviance, but both Eva and I are getting ready to ramp it up and record new reviews for fans. Basically, ABR is me and Eva reviewing adult movies on video, while we masturbate. It’s fun and hot, and we do really review the movies as honestly as we can. Joshua came up with the idea, and it’s great.

W! I hear you were a gymnast and dancer when you were younger. I never was myself, but both my sisters were, so I know a bit about dance and gymnastics. What type of gymnastics did you do and what level of competition did you achieve? What kind of dance did you study? Did you find the intense physical training a good preparation for your later career?

TP: I competed overseas in gymnastics and in ballet, and toured nationally -in ballet. It destroyed my knees, so it might have actually hurt me for my career in porn.

W! You decided to get into porn when your boyfriend got mad at you for stripping, which you’ve said in interviews may not have been the best way to make the decision. In an interview with AIPnews.com, you mentioned that you’d been told you would be a successful mainstream star if you hadn’t gotten into porn. And, on Glam-Metal.com, you said you’d be teaching a dance class if you hadn’t gotten into porn. It sounds like you may have some regrets about your career choice. Do you have plans to try anything different down the line, to break out of thee adult industry or change your role in it? Would you change your decision if you could go back in time?

TP No. I actually love my fans, and sure, I wish I had known that I could’ve been a mainstream star, but it is what it is. I have to make the best of it, and I love porn, and I will keep in front of the camera doing girl/girl and solo stuff as long as you’ll have me. I am also going to direct for skinworXXX. Just for clarity, the story on Wikipedia about me stripping before porn is simply not true. They quote an interview with me, but I did not ever say that. The first time I ever stepped on stage on a strip club was last February ’08 when I did my first feature show in Baltimore. I did go do it for revenge, but that’s because I was mad at him for various reasons, zero to do with stripping.

W! You auctioned off your old implants for charity, which is awesome. Do you think more adult stars should participate in charity events? What inspired you to do this?

TP I do. There are millions of fans watching porn, and we [could] make a difference, or at least help, in all kinds of situations if we did more charity. Right now, Stephanie Swift has breast cancer and needs help badly. Jessica Drake is spearheading many efforts to help her, and she’s a sweetie and this is important. I love to help people.

W! You said you and Josh aren’t druggies. There seems to be a very strong public idea about porn performers being drug addicts. Do you see a lot of drug use in the industry, and what’s your take on the public’s opinion?

TP There are drugs in porn just like in mainstream. It isn’t porn as the reason; it’s easy money. When people get too much money, they blow it on drugs sometimes, unfortunately. Plus some girls do drugs to cope with their decisions, which sucks.

W! You have two kids now, and as a kid yourself I’ve heard you helped raise your siblings, so family has played a big role in your life. How do family and the adult industry work in your life? Are they compatible, or do you keep them separate?

TP My family knows about my career and are as supportive as they can be. I do keep my kids completely separate from the business, and I wouldn’t encourage them to get into it. I’d support them if they did, but I wouldn’t be thrilled.

W! You’ve starred in lots of gonzo style movies, but also in some of the industry’s biggest and most plot-driven productions, even as the tide turns toward less plot – and scene – based movies. What do you think the future holds for porn as far as production value, plot, acting, etc, vs. gonzo action?

TP I love a good feature, but personally I prefer watching all-sex movies in my personal life as I want to get right to the action! That’s the point of porn! That being said, Jessica Drake and Brad Armstrong make some great fucking features, as does Digital Playground.

W! Thanks so much for the insights Teagan! Hopefully we’ll see you at Exxxotica NY.

— Interview conducted by staph writer extraordinaire, Miss Lagsalot