THANK YOU for fully funding my graphic novel!

tracy queen nikola high fives thank you
High fives! We did it! (Check out that cameo I have in the background in the green pants. Pretty sweet, eh?)

People, you are amazing. With your support, we’ve fully funded the first volume of my epic sex-positive, sci-fi graphic novel about a sex worker with a cyborg-clone army, a zillion sex toys, and zero fucks to give. I feel flattered, humbled, excited, and flabbergasted all at once.

Side note: I was also exhausted when the Kickstarter ended on Thanksgiving. Hence is why I haven’t blogged about it before. When people tell you that Kickstarters are hard, they are not joking. I spent so much time and energy on the campaign that the day after Thanksgiving, literally all I did was eat leftovers and watch a marathon of Rocky I – IV. Having never seen any of them except the first, it was an…interesting experience.

Anyway, the point is that you, yes you, all of you, helped immensely! Your support—whether in the form of pledges, social media shares, or just telling me you were into it—helped get me through it. And in the end, it also helped to fund the book!

Right now we’re in the process of collecting pledge money, preparing our surveys, and planning all the goodies we’ll need to order and prep. We’re also putting the finishing touches on Tracy Queen, Volume 1—including ten pages of guest art and a gorgeous cover from stevieraedrawn. We hope to have all our orders placed by the end of December (so we don’t have to pay extra taxes on unspent Kickstarter earnings). And we think we can have the rewards out to backers by February! Kickstarter continues to be a lot of work…even after it’s over.

But it’s so worth it! I can’t wait to get the beginning of Tracy Queen’s epic adventures into readers’ hands. And hopefully onto shelves in a few book stores and comic shops in the new year! This story is too good to stay small.

Anyhow, stay tuned here for news about things that aren’t Tracy Queen. Now that life has returned to its usual, hectic but slightly so, rhythm, I’ll be doing other stuff again.

Anyway, you’re all the best.

That is all.

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