Thank You for Selling Out My Book!

Lynsey G Watching P0rn live reading

You’re Amazing!

During the holiday season, I told all you bomb-ass readers that I was putting my stash of hardcover copies of my memoir, Watching P()rn, on sale. I figured that with this interminable winter and quarantine and, you know, the world in the state it was, people could use a fun book to keep themselves busy.

And, wow, turns out I was right! I sold my entire stash in just a few weeks’ time…and then, because I am bad at things, I forgot to end the sale when I said I would. And you kept buying copies!

As I said, you’re amazing.

So, needing a few more copies to get out to customers ASAP, I turned to my publisher for more books. I thought I’d get them out to the people I’d accidentally oversold to. And while I was at it, I’d replenish the stash and consider doing more sales in the future.

But they were sold out, too. Sold out of hardcovers. And paperbacks. Entirely. Completely. Bone dry!

My Book Sold Out!

Holy mackerel, I said to myself. (I often turn to weird fish references in times of great excitation.) People are really into my book, I guess.

Then I called my local bookstores here in Missoula, hoping I could drop by and pick up a few copies, at least, to get to the people who had purchased copies from me directly. But, nope. Sold out.

Next, I went online. I checked every brick-and-mortar retailer that originally carried my book. Nothing. Finally I went to the online-only options: Bookshop. Nope. Amazon. Nada. Barnes & Noble? Finally, I found a few copies there and ordered them…for more than I’d charged my customers in the first place! And that’s not counting shipping!

So, as of the time I’m writing this, the only place I know if where you can get a copy of Watching P*rn is from Barnes & Noble online. Isn’t that amazing?!

The Good Book News and the Bad Book News

So, the good news is that you all seem to be enjoying my informative book about the adult entertainment industry cleverly disguised as a memoir! And I am absolutely tickled by the thought of all of you out there, reading the words I wrote. There is literally no greater feeling in all the world for a writer. (Well, maybe an orgasm, but I digress.) Thank you for selling out my book! You’re amazing! (Please feel free to leave glowing reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, too, thanks!)

But the bad news is that…well…Watching P//rn is sold out. There are used copies available on Amazon, of course. (Weirdly, the hardcovers are way cheaper than the paperback right now?) And I’m sure there are some floating around used book stores. And, naturally, you can always get the ebook.

But for those in the market for a new physical copy? Tough luck. My publisher, Abrams, tells me they’re not planning on a reprint. Which means even I can’t get new copies. I’m left with my one hardcover, dog-eared and annotated, and one copy of the paperback (the updates for which I made all the dog-ears and notations), and two ARCs, and that’s that.

Chapter 1: Before P0rn Lynsey G
That’s me, signing books at the launch party at the Strand! (I checked. They’re out, too.)

So, What Happens Next?

Well, I’ll encourage Abrams to do a reprint! And you can help make that happen! Start by searching for Watching P0rn on every book retailer’s website! (Except use an “o” when you search—I only use other characters to evade those pesky algorithms that make it hard to share my blog posts.) Write to my publisher asking for a copy! Leave glorious reviews everywhere!

Basically, the more interest there is in Watching P()rn, the more likely it’ll be reprinted. And if that happens, I can restock my shelf, then send out signed, smooched copies to all of you fabulous people.

And, in the meantime, get the Nook or Kindle edition! (Although I hate to see any more money go to Jeff Bezos, I do like to see royalty money come to me, so…). Or, if you’re a listening, grab the audio version from any purveyor of audiobooks! (Audible, Kobo, Google Play, Amazon, (Bonus: I read the audiobook! It was fun as heck, and I think it sounds pretty good.)

Thanks again for helping me feel like a cool goddamn writer, folks. You all rock.

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