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I don’t want to tell you to subscribe to and adore I’m very, very biased. I’ve been waiting with baited breath and very-tightly-crossed legs on the launch of this website for years now. I will love it no matter what. I won’t hesitate to say, however, that what I’ve seen since it launched (in beta, mind you–there are still kinks to be worked out… and kinks you can work yourself over to, as well) has not in any way let me down. I am so excited to watch this project blossom into a community of undeniably hot sexual entertainment that doesn’t fall neatly into any category people want to throw at it, except for “real.” It’s not amateur and it’s not professional–it’s both and neither at once. It doesn’t fall into the regular porn niches or even deal in them; it’s looking for funny videos, awkward videos, hot videos, raw videos, real videos. It’s paying the video-makers for their work. It’s upending models of “porn” all over the place and offering new ideas. And damn, it looks good.

But I said I wasn’t going to tell you what I think. Instead, here’s what some other people think. I’ll let them do the talking. So here are some other people’s opinions and posts to consider:

1) Danny Wylde’s put up two posts about it, where you can see the intro video he and Lily Labeau made for their sex vid.  “It’s about the fact there is hardly any alternative to hardcore porn when we’re talking about public depictions of human sexuality.”

2) You can also hear more of his and her thoughts in the interview I did with both Danny and Lily for WHACK! Magazine.  Danny: “It’s pretty hot! It’s just us having sex for real and not giving a shit about anything, like camera angles or whatever. But I did cut it so you can always at least see our facial reactions and stuff.”

3) At BetaBeat: Cindy talks about why this is so important, how much she wants to change the way the world (and the tech world) see porn, and what she might be up to next. ‘Fixing the world’s impoverished sex education and making a dent in porn’s stranglehold on sexual norms would require something sexier. “If I want to counter the impact of porn as default sex education, I have to create something that has the potential to be, ultimately, as mass, as mainstream and as all-pervasive in our society today as porn currently is,” she said.’

4) The TED talk that started it all, and earned me a coveted invitation to The Black Apartment, when I quoted it in my McSweeney’s column.

5) And, for the straight-up juiciest talk straight from the mouth of beast, go to the blog!

6) A small writeup inviting commentary on

7) Last and perhaps least, and hilariously, NY1 checking it out in “In the Papers,” where Cindy is apparently featured in the NY Observer (around 2:20). And in which they say it’s “amateur,” which Cindy vehemently objects to because it makes it sounds like the rest of us don’t have a fucking clue what we’re doing.

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