The One Who Got Away Syndrome

Loretta_Young_wistfulI’ve got a new advice column up at Luna Luna Magazine, you guys, and I’m pretty proud of this one. Though I feel like my expertise in the area of relationships is slightly less expert than in areas of sex and porn, I do my best to provide helpful feedback. This week’s column answers just one question, and it’s a doozie; basically, the letter-writer asked how to deal with the fact that her boyfriend seems to be not-entirely over another girl with whom he never actually got together.

The thing that makes this question tough, and yet answerable, is that I used to be in an almost identical situation. I spent a decade pining over The One Who Got Away and lying to myself about it.

“In short, you’re absolutely right: though Boy Y claims to be over Girl Z, and very likely believes that he is over her, his behavior reeks of absolutely not being over her. The difficulty is, as I said before, that Boy Y probably cannot be talked out of this.”

Please go read! And do let me know what you think!

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