The Two Faces of Lynsey G

As you may know, I’m a pleasure-positive podcaster and the editor in chief at Oneshi Press. These two things go together in my head. I love to publish pleasure-positive work and use my platform as both podcaster and publisher to make more room in the world for topics I hold dear. So, this week, I’m showing off two recent examples of me wearing both hats, and showing both faces: podcaster and editor.

How to Get Noticed by an Editor (aka My Editor Face)

Check out me with my editor hat on! In my role as the editor of the Oneshi Press comics anthology series, I could serve as a gatekeeper. I could try to keep people out of the publication club. But that’s not what I’m about. Instead, I’d like to work on leveling the playing field by letting creators know what will help their submissions stand out. So I made a video about it.

Women and P(o)rn with Gaia Morrissette (aka my podcaster face)

I’ve also got a podcaster face! I host my own podcast (HourGasm) and occasionally appear on My Orgasmic Life with Gaia Morrissette, too. There, we talk a lot about smut. In my latest visit to the show, we discussed the complicated relationship between women and smut, including historical takes, contemporary feelings, and shame, shame, shame. You can watch it on Facebook or YouTube…or below!

Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoyed both of my faces, and learned a little something, too. To learn even more, check out the latest episode of HourGasm, where we talk about the evils of ageism!

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