Three New Comics All About Justice

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I have three new comics out this week! Well. I have one brand-new short comic, and two installments of ongoing comics series out this week! So, kind of three new comics. Anyway, the point is, there are 28 pages of new comics that I wrote. And they’re all in the 9th Oneshi Press Comics Anthology—the Justice Anthology. And justice is a theme in all three.

Tracy Queen, V2: Dangerous Experiments, page 25-36

First, there are twelve—count ’em, twelve—new pages of the epic, sex-positive graphic novel Tracy Queen! These are the last twelve pages in what will soon become the second volume of the book—Tracy Queen, Volume 2: Dangerous Experiments. This installment gets sexier than anything we’ve seen before—and incorporates some hilarious censorship efforts! They also show Tracy being brutally betrayed by someone she once helped, which sets of a string of events that leads toward the climactic battle scene that will end the book. That’s where Tracy seeks to make her own justice against those who have wronged her. With art from Jayel Draco, lettering from Cardinal Rae, and writing by yours truly, these pages will tantalize and tempt you with hilariously censored depictions of sexuality. And they’ll also take Tracy further down her path toward adult stardom!

Children of Gaia: Trinkets

Next, there’s “Children of Gaia: Trinkets,” where I teamed up with Norwegian illustrator Eldkrind to tell the story of a Keetsunikesh youth named L’Achsellyn. Her tribe lives deep in the woods in the Children of Gaia fantasy universe. There, they survive by raiding neighboring villages. And they’re ceaselessly hunted by the bigger, meaner Honeshukesh. But the Keetsunikesh have a secret weapon. They can transform—partly—into fox-like creatures to blend into their surroundings. In “Trinkets,” L’Achs hasn’t figured out transfiguration yet, and she’s bullied for her abnormality. But soon she finds some other outcasts who take her under their wing. When they come across a bully being threatened by some Honeshukesh scouts, these kids have to decide whether to interfere—or let brutal justice take its course.

PACK #3: Temperance, pages 9 – 16

And last, there are eight new pages from PACK, my comic series about vigilante dogs in Brooklyn! These pages dig deeper into the background of Temperance, the Great Dane with some kind of crown gadget on his head. He finally reveals where he came from, and why he’s always returning there, looking for long-disappeared justice. Also revealed? Someone in James MacHaggert’s police precinct may be involved in less-than-honorable dealings with a corrupt politician. The art is by Jayel Draco, with lettering by Cardinal Rae, and writing by moi.

The Justice Anthology

All three comics appear in the Justice Anthology! It’s out now in limited-edition trade paperback alongside 9 other short comics from two dozen other indie creators. Every single one looks at justice from a different perspective. And the result is a gorgeous, 112-page volume that asks lots of questions. Nab your copy before we run out!

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