Today is Wil Weaton’s Don’t Be a Dick Day!

Thanks to Wil Wheaton, July 29th is now Don’t Be a Dick Day (and also his birthday–tell him happy birthday!). I’m fully behind this. Let’s spread the word, kiddies. For reference, in case you’re not sure what this entails, please see this handy flowchart, from Wil himself.

wil wheaton don't be a dick lynsey g

Maybe that can make tomorrow “Go Get Some Dick Day”! Or, well, hey… nobody said today can’t be both Don’t Be a Dick Day and Go Get Some Dick Day! I say we make it a double holiday. Come on, folks! Let’s have some fun!

(Note: I kind of hate it that the word “dick” means “jerk” in the vernacular, because dicks are wonderful. I love dicks! They’re lovely and they make me feel extremely happy. And I don’t want anybody to be sad because their genitalia is equated with people being jerks. But the impulse behind Don’t Be a Dick Day is pure: Wil Wheaton wants people to be nice to each other. And I agree with that! Maybe in the future we can change it to “Don’t be a Jerk Day” or something that doesn’t denigrate anybody’s genitals! But, hey… one step at a time, right?)

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