Tracy Queen Media Blitz!

Since the campaign for Tracy Queen V3: I Want More is live on Kickstarter this month, I’ve been making the rounds of live-streams, podcasts, interviews, and more. It’s exhausting but always fun.

And one of the best things about this media blitz is that it’s gotten me not just talking, but also thinking about the story in really deep ways. Nearly every conversation Jayel and I have had about the comic recently has gone deep. So, without further ado, here are a few of my favorites!

Tracy Queen AMA

When we reached 100% of our funding goal, Jayel and I did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with our backers, friends, and fans about Tracy Queen. We got some really amazing questions about where Tracy came from, how she developed, and why I think her story is so important.

And then one viewer, our dear friend Adrian, pointed out that Tracy’s story is about an indie creator fighting to be taken seriously. This got me going on a topic I don’t think I’ve ever really opened up about, which is exactly what he said.

Tracy Queen is an independent content creator who is amazing at her job, loves what she does, and doesn’t need to rely on gatekeepers or managers or agents or anyone to get her art out into the world.

Her journey matches my own, and that of so many other creators, adult or otherwise, who fight to make their dreams come true on the internet.

Part-Time Fanboy

While talking with Kristian of Part-Time Fanboy about the comic, Jayel and I found ourselves digging deep into a very thorny topic:

The fact that Jayel can’t live-stream himself drawing human anatomy like nipples…but it’s perfectly acceptable for other streamers to play games where they’re shooting people in the face, in graphic detail.

The fact that Tracy’s story is all about leaving violence behind to pursue love and pleasure…yet that story is more policed than military and horror fare where people are brutally violated and killed.

It’s a whole thing. And we got into it.

Comic Crusaders

The media blitz continued in our talk with Al Mega of Comic Crusaders, where we spent a lot of time talking about breakfast sandwiches and the Kaiser Roll Mafia.

But we also talked about the fact that comics are NOT just for kids, and in fact might be more for adults than they’ve ever been.

And we got into the fact that as adults, readers should have the right to decide what kind of content they want to interact with, including spicy but deep stories like Tracy’s.

There’s lots more media blitz on its way as the campaign approaches the home stretch. Promoting a Kickstarter can be a full-time job! And I’ll be at it until the campaign ends on May 5.

So far, it’s going really well, folks. We’ve already hit five stretch goals and are close to our sixth. We have more backers than any of the previous ten campaigns we’ve run. And we’ve got cooler rewards than ever before!

There’s not only a new book, but also a variant cover for that book, a Tracy Queen DIY paper toy, a minifig, an action figure, and soon…a Funko Pop. Nope, I’m not making that up! This campaign is already one of our biggest, and it’s probably the most fun.

Come on over and join in!

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