Tracy Queen Is Back (on Kickstarter)!

It’s launch day for Tracy Queen #1-3: I Want More!

Now’s the best time to preorder your copies of issues 1 – 3 of this NSFW, over-the-top, pulp sci-fi epic. You can also order tons of other goodies. We’ve got a custom Tracy Queen cube craft paper doll, a custom Tracy Queen Lego mini-fig, a fully articulated Tracy Queen action figure, and lots more! Some come on over and grab the reward tier that works for you!

About Tracy Queen

TRACY QUEEN is an spectacular, pleasure-positive, roller coaster of a graphic novel being told across eight volumes by IPPY Award–winning author Lynsey G (Watching Porn, PACK) and celebrated illustrator Jayel Draco (Children of Gaia, PACK).

The granddaughter of a powerful organized crime boss, Tracy was raised as a secret weapon—a deadly enforcer with a brilliant scientific mind and a sensual allure few could resist. But Tracy left a life of violence to pursue empowerment through pleasure.

Now, she funds her independence with adult cam shows, and she’s the biggest phenomenon indie smut has ever seen! But everybody wants a piece…of her success. 

Cover by Asinjuasflora
tracy queen kickstarter launch
Variant cover by DIana Camero

About V3: I Want More

Tracy’s growing internet fame and fortune aren’t enough to keep this brilliant beauty satisfied, so Tracy doubles down and discovers a whole new world of excitement…and profit.

But her runaway success doesn’t go unnoticed, and soon her grandfather’s ever-watchful crime syndicate discovers her secret, at great cost to one of Tracy’s allies. Meanwhile, p(o)rn kingpin Dickie Doublefinger and the traitor Natasha Blue deepen their obsession with Tracy, determined to destroy her streak of indie-smut supremacy.

The pressure drives Tracy to the brink, leading her to make a desperate and devious decision that catapults her toward a battle to defend her hard-earned empowerment.

After the success of issues 1 and 2, Tracy Queen, V3: I Want More continues the scintillating tale of the mafiosa turned love warrior, featuring cover art by Asinjuasflora and a variant cover by Diana Camero, with writing by Lynsey G, illustrations by Jayel Draco with help from Jeff Foulsham and Flattsquat, and lettering by Cardinal Rae. 

The first 24 hours of the campaign are the most crucial to its success. So head over to the Kickstarter now and find the reward tier that suits you best. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

Thank you so much for your support of my very weird, very wild, very fun series!

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