TRINA MICHAELS — “I don’t give in to the dark side that often, but it’s there!”

Miss Lagsalot sat down with AVN nominee Trina Michaels to discuss her crossover career, her dark side, and her general tit-tasticness…

WHACK! MAGAZINE Trina Michaels! Hello! Thank you so much for making some time for WHACK! I know you’ve been super busy lately.

TRINA MICHAELS Of course! Anything for WHACK! Magazine.

W! Well what we were just talking about before I turned on the recording stuff is that you’re going to be in Vegas for the AVN awards and all that craziness because you’ve been nominated for an AVN award for best crossover star.

TM Yeah!

W! So I’m really interested to hear about how all that’s going. Do you want to give our readers a little bit of background on what you’ve been up to?

TM Sure, well, the nomination is for Crossover Star for the stuff I’ve been doing with wrestling and all that. Extra added bonus for anyone going to Vegas is that I actually have a wrestling show that Friday, January 7th, at the Rio. I’m not sure what time it starts, but it’ll be in the evening and they can find all the information at And yeah, they can come to that and find out exactly why I’m nominated for Crossover Star!

W! Yeah! Can you give us any hints about what you’ll be doing that night?

TM Umm… I don’t even know still! Causing trouble, that’s for sure!

W! Well you’ve been working your way into pro wrestling for a like two years-ish now?

TM Yeah, it’s been two, two and a half years, something like that.

W! So you’ve been at it for a while now. I was checking things out and you’ve been up to a lot! You’ve been very busy. How did you decide that you wanted to start making that transition. Have you always been a fan of wrestling?

TM Yeah, I used to watch it, you know, like, not necessarily growing up but maybe when I was a bit older. I started watching it, and I went to a couple live shows. And it was just so much fun being there in the audience, getting involved and getting excited. You want this guy to win, and that guy to get his ass kicked, and it’s just fun. When I was out in LA I started meeting people that were involved with it, and so I sort of wiggled my way in there and started to work on shows and stuff.

W! That makes sense. It seems like in a way the two things kind of go together because both industries are so performance-heavy. Even though people have maybe a better idea of how much wrestling is a performance as opposed to porn. People might think that you don’t have to do anything different, but porn is so different. It’s all a performance.

TM Right, yeah.

W! So you were already kind of prepared when you went into wrestling. But you’ve been in the adult industry for six years now? Seven?

TM Almost seven, yeah.

W! So you knew what you were doing when you went in, but did anything actually happen where you decided that you wanted to start doing other things, or… what made you decide that you wanted to get into wrestling professionally?

TM It’s because I started getting opportunities and it looked kind of fun, you know. I have a great time when I go out there. It’s so fun to get the crowd involved, it’s a challenge to make them hate you, you know?

W! Laughs. That’s actually what I find really interesting about all this. Every time I’ve spoken to you, you’re the nicest, most down to earth person ever. But then when I see the videos of you at wrestling events, you’re the opposite of that.

TM Yeah, it’s fun. Laughing. I like yelling at the people. I got in some kid’s face the other day and when I walked away I felt so bad, but I was totally like, “Do something!” and he actually wound up hitting me, so you know… I was yelling at him, up in his face, and I was like, “Oooh, he’s probably calling the police now.” But it was funny.

W! So which is the real Trina? The nice Trina or the mean Trina?

TM I think it’s a little bit of both. I don’t give in to the dark side that often, but it’s there.

W! Well that’s probably good. You have a good way of getting the anger out now.

TM Exactly!

W! So do you get yourself into character before you go out for an event?

TM Yeah, you know, there’s always those few moments beforehand where you’re like, “Ok, ok, how am I gonna do this?” I always say, cause I’ve been dancing for like five years and it kind of goes along with the same thing, and if you don’t have a backstage moment, then you shouldn’t be there anymore. There’s always that nervousness. You want it to be good and you want to do well.

W! That makes sense. Well I picture you into the Incredible Hulk backstage at these events.

TM Yeah, raaaawr!

W! Except you don’t really have to switch bodies or anything. You’re pretty much built to be in the wrestling industry.

TM Oh, thank you!

W! You’re very muscular and very strongly built, and you’re really tall too. So that must work. I’ve got to ask though: the guys who do pro wrestling, are they really tall? Or are they those really short guys who are also really muscle-y?

TM Half and half, you know, there are some tall guys, and some guys are like average.

W! Cause I think it’d be really funny if you were, say, promoting an event and towering over the guys.

TM Towering over the guys, right? Laughs.

W! So you’ve actually done a bunch of different things. You did a female wrestling show for Carmen Electra’s group, but then you also do the riling up the crowd thing, getting them excited, promotions, and things like that. What direction are you moving in now? What kind of things are you doing?

TM Let’s see, I believe the show you’re referring to is NWWL. I did a show for them in LA back in ’08. It was actually pretty cool.

W! I saw a video of it. It was pretty awesome.

TM That was fun. That was probably one of the first things I did with wrestling. It was awesome. But let’s see, what am I looking at right now? I have the Vegas show coming up, and the info is at ll, and then I also have a promotion out here in Miami that I’ve been working for a couple months. And that is ICW, or Those are the things I’m working on right now.

W! So on the other side of the coin, are you doing anything in the adult industry at the moment?

TM Here and there, you know. I still dance a lot, and I’m trying to think when I shot this, but I just shot a new Brazzers scene two weeks ago or so, so it’s probably not out yet.

W! So fans of you will have something to look for in both areas. I’m really excited to see how things go at AVN, but more than that I’m excited to see where things go for you. You’ve got so many things going on!

TM Thank you!

W! Well I hope that we can meet up with you when you’re out there. I really like professional wrestling, personally, cause I mean people get dressed up in these awesome outfits and it’s this big show. So I’m really excited that you’re doing this!

TM I still watch matches and it’s still exciting. Like, “Oh, man, I can’t believe that just happened! I can’t believe he took that hit! That’s crazy!” And you get all excited. It’s cool.

W! I want to know how much training do you do to learn how to take a hit without really taking a hit? How does that work?

TM That’s really interesting, actually. I have a very, very minimal training, like a few weeks of very basic things like how to take a basic bump and other than that everything that I’ve ever done is pretty much just on the spot, like, “Hey, we’re gonna try this out, does that sound cool?” “Uhhh… Okay!”

W! Do you practice backstage and then do it?

TM Yeah, a little bit. They kind of tell me how we’re gonna try to do it, and one time through and then that’s it! And then with the guys, they go through so much training. I think it’s one of those things where you’re always learning and improving.

W! Yeah and I guess things change all the time. There’s always going to be some new move everybody’s using so you’ve got to deal with it as it comes. Have you ever been injured by any of it?

TM No, not from wrestling. It’s a little tricky because I have pre-existing things that bother me from car accidents and stuff like that, so sometimes those will act up from stuff in the ring.

W! Do you work out a lot to stay in shape for it?

TM I try, but I’m not as good at that as I used to be.

W! Well it seems like you were blessed with a really good physique for that kind of stuff to begin with, so you got lucky.

TM Thanks! I’m shaped pretty well.

W! Well you know me, I’m tiny, I could never step into a ring without breaking a limb or something. Well good luck, I’m super excited to see you and I hope that you end up with an AVN award!

TM Thanks! That’d be cool!

W! I’m rooting for you!

TM Thank you very much.

[Editorial Note: Information on Trina’s Vegas show can be found at Trina will be appearing as the manager for Luke Hawk, along with some of the biggest names in Mexican wrestling, at the Rio! Also, check out Trina’s kickass demo reel here!]

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